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15 Scrumptious Mini Trifle Recipes

There are so many reasons why I love a mini trifle for dessert. They can be made ahead of time, they look elegant and they’re great individual desserts when you don’t want a huge portion of food. Mini Trifles can be prepared ahead of time which is great when you’re entertaining. So stack up your dessert layers and enjoy these minis!

Need an individual dessert for an occasion? These mini trifle dessert recipes are insanely good!

My obsession with Mini Trifle recipes started when it was just my Husband and I. I love serving a complete dinner and making a dessert. For the two of us, we didn’t need big sheet cakes or cheesecake that we’d have to eat off of for days. That’s when I decided a smaller mini trifle would be plenty for us. It’s just a bit of something sweet without being too heavy.

Then, when the BIG 2020 event hit, we weren’t having extended family over the holidays. I need a smaller dessert when extended family isn’t over to celebrate. We’re never going to pass on dessert, so that isn’t an option. The mini trifle is my answer! Small servings, but something sweet for everyone to enjoy.

Looking for even more great dessert options? Here are some Savvy Mama reader favorites:

21 Scrumptious Mini Trifle Recipes

Perfect as an individual dessert, these mini trifle recipes make life a bit easier. There's no need for heavy desserts or leftovers. Plus, you can prep them ahead of time!

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