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Welcome! I’m Kimberly and the site owner of Savvy Mama Lifestyle. I’m an Atlanta family travel blogger, who features lifestyle content as well. As a mom of three boys, every day feels like an adventure, whether or not we’re traveling. My Husband is my photographer and together, we’re showing our kids the beauty of travel and creating an amazing home life.

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Atlanta Family Travel Blogger
Kimberly Stroh – Atlanta Family Travel Blogger (Working With Pick Ellijay CVB) 

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You can always find me doing three things: traveling with my family, in the kitchen or working on this site. My biggest passion is family travel and what originally inspired me to start Savvy Mama Lifestyle.

I lean into my southern roots and the majority of my family travel showcases great destinations in the SouthEast or they’re a flight away from Atlanta (since the majority of readers are Georgia-based). I’ve grown to appreciate the laid back communities that make up small cities as much as I love big name theme parks. You can read about it all in my Family Travel section.

When the world shut down in 2020, I started adding recipes based upon our travels. I love to take a regional ingredient and create a recipe for the world to enjoy. My recipe section might include produce from a farm we’ve visited or inspired by a famous restaurant we’ve been to. The recipes took off, with huge success, and the majority of them connect to our family travel stories.

My work has been featured in Good Housekeeping, Trivago, Red Tricycle, Baby Center and People Magazine. 

Our family on Atlantic Beach, NC – working with The Crystal Coast.

Highlights of my career include walking the red carpet for Marvel Studios at the Black Panther world premiere, attending Disney Social Media Celebration twice and attracting over 100k monthly readers and followers to my site. Additionally, I speak at industry conferences yearly, teaching other bloggers how to build their businesses.

Over 90% of my readers are female and many of them are moms. I strive to provide great family travel tips, easy recipes and a fun community on social media.

I love when I get emails from readers who share travel photos and thank me for helping them plan a trip or a message saying that my recipe is a part of their family holidays now. Savvy Mama Lifestyle continues to grow every year as a great resource for readers, with daily updates and fresh content.

Thank you for taking the time to visit Savvy Mama Lifestyle and I look forward to hearing how I can better serve you!

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