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FREE Printable Baby Feeding Tracker PDF

We all know that new moms are exhausted and tired. There’s so much to keep track of when they’re born and (if you’re like me) it can be overwhelming when it’s time to answer the pediatrician’s questions about feedings. The easiest way to keep track of it is to use this FREE Printable Baby Feeding Tracker that you can download. Keep it in the nursery and it only takes seconds to take a quick note about the time, diapers changed, which breast was used or how much was pumped.

Download this FREE Printable Baby Feeding Tracker to keep note of which breast was used, diapers and the time (or ounces pumped).

I remember almost breaking down, into tears, with my firstborn at the pediatrician office. All because I couldn’t answer how many wet diapers my newborn was having or how often they were eating. I never want to use an app because I try to keep a calming nursery without the use of blue light. So apps don’t bode well with me. Using this Printable Baby Feeding Tracker has been such a game changer.

Looking for even more great tips for you and your newborn? I’ve got you covered with some awesome advice from a mom of three:

Free Printable Baby Feeding Tracker Download

My advice is to print out several copies at once or save this URL by bookmarking it. That way you can easily come back and find it again. Print it out in full color and keep it in the nursery with a pen. I like the idea of using a clipboard near the rocking chair or having it nearby your own bed for afterwards.

Free Printable Baby Feeding Tracker

If you want to go green, just print out one copy and frame it with a glass frame. Use a dry erase marker to keep track, writing over the glass, and then just snap a photo with your phone.

Show the Pediatrician the photos or bring in the copies that you’ve written on. If your baby struggles with weight gain, and you’re breastfeeding, you’ll find this information to be so helpful and you’ll gain some insight on areas for improvement.

How To Use A Baby Feeding Tracker

This tracker is designed to help you keep track of what’s most important at feedings. I like to mark if the baby had a dry diaper, wet or bowel movement. Circle which breast you used during the feeding if you breastfeed. Note the time of the feeding, too. If you are an exclusive pumper, you want to keep track of how many ounces they were fed AND how many ounces you pumped.

I am an exclusive pumper and used this baby feeding tracker – I just didn’t circle a breast! You’ll find over time that you can keep track of what’s most important to you and your feedings.

Baby Feeding Tracker

How To Print The Download

To download the PDF file, click on the link below. Save it to your desktop for future use or print out multiple copies. Print in color and I prefer to use recyclable copy paper. Frame it to use with a dry erase marker or just keep it in the nursery with a pen.

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