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15 Natural Clogged Milk Duct Remedies For New Moms

For me, the newborn stage has some amazing blissful moments and some not-so-fun ones as well. I think that every new mom who has experienced the trials and pain that can accompany breastfeeding. If you haven’t – more power to you. Chances are, if you came to this page, you’re in pain. I feel you! Here are the BEST clogged milk duct remedies to help relieve your breast pain.

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When I brought home my oldest, I’ll never forget the struggles that I went through. He had a very difficult time latching and we never connected well. I knew I had to rely solely on my breast pump for a while. Unfortunately, there was a freak snow storm in Alabama and my insurance company couldn’t get my pump delivered to me. In the meantime, all of my milk came in.

I had clogged milk ducts in my arm pits. My breasts were rock solid and felt like they were going to burst. I cried and felt like a failure already at breastfeeding. It was such a feeling of being defeated.

In a panic, I was furiously searching for the clogged milk duct remedies. If someone said standing on my head would help, I would’ve tried it! Luckily, one of close friends let me borrow her breast pump (that I used with my own personal parts). 

Hopefully this knowledge and all of these remedies can help you feel some relief. You don’t want to be at risk for Mastitis, which is an infection that’s caused by a clogged milk duct which hasn’t been relieved. 

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As always, check with your physician if you have any symptom of Mastitis. These natural remedies are meant as helpful solutions, but may not be appropriate for every breastfeeding mom.

The Best Clogged Milk Duct Remedies

These remedies really helped me when I had my own clogging issues. I know that every mom is different and our breasts are different too. Try a couple of these methods, or even alternate them. Bookmark this webpage for your future reference and feel free to share with your mom friends too!

Clogged Milk Duct Remedies For Breastfeeding Moms

What Can Cause Clogged Milk Ducts

I’ve already shared my story, but there are so many reasons why women go through this. You are not alone and you should NEVER feel like you’ve failed at breastfeeding. Some women experience the clogging when they are weaning baby from the breast, or when baby starts to sleep through the night and even when the child’s feeding schedule changes.

If you’re struggling to latch your baby, don’t be afraid to ask for help from a lactation consultant. Many insurance companies will pay for coverage and there are even consultants who do in-home visits. They’re worth having an open line of communication with if you’re new to breastfeeding or struggling.

Using a lactation consultant to help with breastfeeding.

When To Call Your Doctor

A clogged milk duct can lead to a painful Mastitis infection that needs to be treated with antibiotics. Call your OBGYN for an exam if none of the natural remedies are working, or the pain is unbearable. You shouldn’t have to suffer. When treated right away, clogged ducts don’t need a doctor’s attention.

Clogged Milk Duct Remedies To Provide Quick Relief

  • Hot Wash Clothes: Soak a few wash clothes in hot water and lay down with them on your breasts.
  • Hot Showers With Massage: Use soap in a hot shower to gently massage your milk ducts.
  • Self-Expressing In A Hot Shower: Use your hands to self-express your breasts and get milk out.
  • Therapy Packs: Use Lansinoh TheraPeral Breast Therapy hot to get milk moving and use cold to help numb pain.
  • Dangle Feed: Lay baby on the floor and be on all fours to feed. That will help gravity take over while breastfeeding.
  • Nurse While Massaging: Nurse on the side that is clogged, while massaging towards your nipple.
  • Frozen Cabbage Leafs: Stick them in your bra for pain relief.
  • Tylenol: Ok – so this one isn’t natural – but it certainly helps out a lot and it’s worth mentioning for pain.
  • Vibration While Nursing: Use the LaVie Warming Lactation Massager while pumping to help push milk (cheaper LaVie Lactation Massager – not warming).
  • Microwave A Wash Cloth: Place a damp wash cloth in the microwave and place on your breasts.
  • Make Rice Socks: Place uncooked rice in an old sock with a knot at the top. Microwave it for warmth.
  • Lay On Your Belly In The Tub: Get in a hot bath and lay on your belly to submerge your breasts.
  • Use A Rolling Massager: While nursing, use a LaVie Lactation Massage Roller to push milk towards the breast.
  • Take An Herbal Remedy: WishGarden Herbs Happy Ducts gets 5-star ratings from moms who have clogged milk ducts. It’s a short-term herbal remedy to help with your lymphatic system.
  • Engorgement Cream: Cabocreme Breast Cream assist with natural ingredients from cabbage to assist with engorgement.

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