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Disney’s Sangria University: Waste Of Time Or Worth The Cost?

With the ever-increasing price of park tickets (and the need for advanced reservations), Walt Disney World guests are looking for other ways to fill their vacation itineraries. One of the most alluring things to do at Coronado Springs Resort is Sangria University. Is it really worth taking time out of your vacation to attend and the extra money? I’m breaking down the cost vs. experience in this full review.

Everything you need to know about Disney World's Sangria University at Coronado Springs to see if it's worth the money on your trip.

If you’ve ever been a wine connoisseur, then you might be interested in Sangria University. However, you don’t need to have any knowledge of wine (or liquor) to have a great time at this special Disney World experience. As with many special events at Disney World, advanced reservations are required.

Sangria University is only held on Saturday and Sundays. It lasts approximately 90-minutes. Advanced reservations are required and you must put a credit card on file (that they’ll charge in case of late cancellations). Any cancellation must be made within 1 day of your scheduled Sangria University time.

Disney’s Sangria University At Coronado Springs Resort

Coronado Springs is the perfect backdrop to this beautiful afternoon. Located at Three Bridges Bar and Grill, guests can enjoy a nice shaded outdoor patio area and a great view of the lake. It’s $59 to attend Sangria University and it’s prepaid in full when you make your advanced reservation.

You can book online or via the My Disney Experience app. Sometimes the price can vary by $10 per person, depending on the time of the year you attend. Disney advertises the cost to be $59 per person though.

Sangria University at Coronado Springs Resort

What Is Included In Disney’s Sangria University Cost?

Sangria University is exactly what it sounds like! You’re spending the afternoon learning how to make the famous Sangria blends that they serve at Three Bridges Bar and Grill, plus you’re tasting the concoctions you make.

Upon seating, each chair has fruit, cinnamon sticks, juices and a stirring spoon in front of them. Cast Members will serve you a Cava, White, Rose, and Red Wine Sangria. A light appetizer is also included in the cost and it is chips and Guac for each person.

Guests who have been to Three Bridges Bar and Grill might notice that it’s the same flight as the one you can order while dining during regular hours. There is also a table set up with multiple liquors to be used at a later time.

Chips and Guacamole Appetizer at Three Bridges Bar

Everyone Can Learn How To Make This Fruity Cocktail

There’s one Cast Member who leads the class. Guests can learn about the history of Sangria, including it’s origins, and how it’s changed over the years to be what we know it as today. The teacher will also show you how to make the recipes that they serve at the restaurant.

Liquor Upgrades at Sangria University

Guests can pick their base wine and liquor to put in it. There are a couple “upgraded” liquor choices that are an additional amount – $4 additional fee (see above photo for examples). Once they are brought out, you get to play around and mix to your heart’s content with your selected choices.

To prove that you’re an official sangria expert, every guest receives a Certificate of Mastery at the end of the class. It’s a fun and neat souvenir to remember the experience. The best part is they give you recipe cards, too, so you can go home and make your blends!

Three Bridges Bar and Grill Recipe Cards

Are Kids Allowed At Disney’s Coronado Springs Sangria University?

Yes! Kids are allowed to attend Sangria University. However, they’re paying the same admission price as you and they must be accompanied by an adult over the age of 21. ID’s are verified upon check-in. Guests who are not 21 will receive the appetizer and non-alcoholic choices to blend.

Young kids would definitely find the experience boring and there’s a lot of listening involved. It’s not worth the money for guests under 21, but if that the only way you can go – do it!

Is Sangria University Really Worth The Price?

With the rising price of park tickets, I love that they are offering more resort experiences. It gives guests a way to do something fun without going into the parks. Compared so the Jiko Wine Tasting at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge, you’re getting much more for the price.

Certificate of Completion

It’s also a very fun and relaxing experience. It doesn’t feel stuffy and you don’t have to be an expert to appreciate it. Go in with an open mind and you’ll learn so much. I also think it’s great that they include the little appetizer. Many of the drinking experiences at Walt Disney World don’t include as much as Sangria University – it’s definitely worth the cost if you’re over 21!

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