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FREE Printable Labor and Delivery Nurse Thank You Gift Tags

There is no greater team of nurses to be thankful for than your Labor and Delivery ladies. Next to your partner, they’re your rock and help you get through the delivery so you’re holding that little bundle of joy. With all three of my pregnancies, I really made a point to tell my nurse team how thankful I was for them (you really want them on your side).

Print these FREE Labor and Delivery Nurse "thank you" gift tags for your hospital stay.

Every woman will tell you that the doctor is important, but only at your delivery for the final pushing stage. Before that, the Labor and Delivery nurses really guide you to the finish line. They’ll see every bit of you (literally) and will coach you through the pushing. 

That’s exactly why you should bring a little thank you to the nurses, in a small gift. You might be with them for over 24 hours and they work really hard. You get a little further with kindness and bringing small thoughtful gift will definitely earn you some brownie points.

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Print Your Labor and Delivery Nurse Thank You Gift Tags

It’s really easy to use these gift tags and there are two designs total, one for the delivery of boy and one for a delivery of a girl. Jut download from the link below and save the PDF file. For the best quality, print these gift tags on heavy card stock paper. Print in full color. 

Using scissors, trim around the outer edges. You can use a hole punch in the center for ribbon or twine.

Labor and Delivery Nurse Thank You Gift Tags

Cute Ideas To Use These Labor and Delivery Nurse Thank You Tags

Once you’ve got your tags printed and cut, you can use them on little gifts. Bring a big basket full of your gifts and invite your team of nurses to help themselves. Here are some great ideas that are small and budget-friendly:

  • Snack packets – put together some non-perishable snacks (granola bars, candy, energy chews, etc)
  • Water bottles – place the tag on cute dollar store water bottles that they can reuse on their shifts
  • Wine bottles – treat your nurses to small bottles of sparkling wine with the tag
  • Small Gift Cards – purchase small denomination of gift cards to hand out


Pink baby girl nurse thank you tagsBaby Boy Nurse Thank You Gift


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