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FREE Printable Hanukkah Gift Tags To Celebrate With

Hanukkah traditions are part of a deep Jewish heritage and there are so many wonderful ways to celebrate the “Festival of Lights.” Make gift giving even more special during the holiday by using these free Printable Hanukkah Gift Tags. They’re an extra special touch to add to any gift and you can save money (and time) finding tags in the store. Just scroll down and download the designs.

Celebrate the "Festival of Lights" with these printable Hanukkah gift tags - with six designs total!

Printables are always an easy way to add to add an extra touch of fun to any celebration. I take just as much pride in the way I wrap a gift as the gift itself – I’m guessing you’re the same too. It’s so hard to find specific Hanukkah gift tags during the holiday season and it can be frustrating when you don’t feel represented. This is a huge time-saver!

People love receiving a thoughtful gift that’s beautifully wrapped. Taking the time to make it extra special is making it a gift from the heart.

Looking for other printables to use during Hanukkah? I’ve got you covered:

Printable Hanukkah Gift Tags

Download And Print Your Hanukkah Gift Tags

It’s easy to use these gift tags, just download from the link below and save it as a PDF. You can also bookmark the URL of this page and find it easily every year.

I like to use a thick card stock paper and color gloss ink. They come out beautifully! Just use scissors to trim around the gift tags and you can hole punch the center for ribbon or twine. I love using a gold ribbon for accents with the green and blue gift tags.

There are six designs total to use – with a deep blue and hunter green.


Hanukkah gift tags to print for free

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