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5 Tell Tale Signs That You’re Ready For A Third Baby

There’s an internet joke that floats around about third babies: that they’re oftentimes not planned and the fun “accident” that happens. While that might be true for some families, it certainly wasn’t the case for us. Deciding to grow your family and add another baby is a big decision. See how we felt even more certain about going from two to three kids, than we did from one to two. These are the 5 signs we were ready for a third baby that we just couldn’t ignore! Plus, check out the story of how we started trying to conceive

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Our Personal Story About Trying To Conceive #3

A little back story of how we conceived our third baby (who is due January 2021):

My Dad passed away in February 2020 and we went through several very emotional months of heartache. After a long battle with Parkinson’s he passed away. March was supposed to be a glimpse of hope and distraction with tons of travel on my schedule. All of that changed when the Covid-19 pandemic hit. Suddenly, there was no more travel and my schedule cleared completely. 

While I’d love to tell you that my Husband and I quarantined together, that’s not entirely true. He’s an essential worker and went to work daily, while I quarantined with my oldest two children. Ironically, my OBGYN was supposed to give me a new prescription for the pill and only gave me 1 month’s worth. I needed an annual check up in order for him to refill my prescription – at the exact moment our state shut down. 

We went without the pill starting in March. We weren’t trying to conceive yet, but the idea of knowing that it could happen helped to open the conversation of having a third baby. That month, I took a test and it came out negative. I felt an empty pit in my stomach that couldn’t be ignored. 

First two kids

With my 33rd birthday approaching, I knew that I only had one more chance to conceive before being considered “high risk” and the idea had grown on us. While we’re praying for a healthy baby to arrive, we also wondered if this baby could be our chance at having the girl we always yearned for. 

In April, we officially starting trying to conceive – special thanks to the Apple Health App for ovulation tracking. Being six years older than when I first conceived my oldest son, I didn’t know what to expect or how long it would take us to get that positive test. 

Late April brought along some early pregnancy symptoms (like tender breasts and cramping). By May 4th, I had a positive pregnancy test for baby #3! So we did a 180° and decided to get pregnant. I am ecstatic to be welcoming our new addition next year.

Third Baby Positive Pregnancy Test Result

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5 Signs That You’re Ready For A Third Baby

Your Gut Tells You That It’s Time For A Baby

There isn’t a magic equation to how many kids each family should have. It’s an individual choice for everyone that’s dependent on so many things. If there’s a yearning deep inside of you that you can’t ignore, you need to address it with your spouse. Pray or meditate on the idea. There is never a perfect time to have a baby. You’ll always feel like you need more money or time – but if that gut feeling is talking – you can’t put those emotions aside.

Your Older Kids Are Asking For A Sibling

Toddlers still have enough baby in them that they won’t agree to another baby or possibly even mention it. Your oldest might think differently. You’ll notice that they are starting to be curious about other kids having baby siblings or they might even offer to help if a baby comes home.

Older Kids Want Sibling, Older Kids Asking For Third Baby

You Feel Your “Biological Clock” Ticking

Did you know that women have high-risk pregnancies when they are over 35 years old? Once you pass the age of 30, that doesn’t seem so far off. If you have that burning sensation to go for a third, try to do it sooner rather than later. It’s harder to conceive as you get older too. So if you’ve got any inclination at all – listen to it!

You’re Already In The Baby Phase Of Life

Stair-step children are super popular right now. People are having kids back-to-back lately. Sometimes when you’re in the thick of things, you might as well keep going. When you space your kids further apart, you’re more likely to donate baby gear or forget what it’s like to lose sleep. If you’re in the swing of things already, why stop?

Ultrasound Image, 12 Week Ultrasound Image

You’re Financially Ready For Another Baby

This is a hard one. Sometimes people are barely financially ready for a baby at all, but make it work without a nest egg. If you see that your family isn’t strapped for cash with two kids, than it might be time to consider your third baby. To prepare financially for another baby, check with the upfront costs (at least). Most likely, what your insurance covers changed since you had your last baby. Ask for an estimate of what your out of pocket costs could be for your next pregnancy.


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