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4 Fun Third Baby Announcement Ideas (PLUS Our Own)

Oh baby! Our family is getting ready to grow by two feet (again). We have two boys that are three years apart and my youngest is currently 3 years old. While we were trying to conceive, it gave me plenty of time to think about how I wanted this third baby announcement to be different. I came up with a fun idea to reveal the announcement to my Husband and kids (it was so much fun) that I’m sharing below. Plus,  I’ve got a few other favorite announcement ideas from other Mommy bloggers that I’m sharing too.

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4 Fun Third Baby Announcement Ideas

There are a couple of times that you’ll announce that you’re expecting a baby. There’s the intimate time that you let your partner know it’s officially and there’s the one where you let the rest of the world know about it. The latter one is a lot of fun because you can get your family involved or even stage a photo. Many couples use social media as an announcement space because it reaches your circle without making a huge effort AND (thanks to Facebook Memories) it’ll serve as a memory later on.

So what makes it different for the third baby announcement compared to the first? You’ve got a lot more help behind the scenes that you can use to make the announcement. Get your older kids involved. Brainstorm ideas about famous things that come in groups of “three,” like: The Three Caballeros, Three Little Piggies, Three Wise Men or Three Musketeers. 

Come up with some crazy-fun photo shoot ideas, or video, that revolve around those famous characters! You can announce before you find out the gender too.



Cookie Cake Baby Announcement Idea

This is how I revealed a third baby was on the way to my Husband and kids. It was the week of my birthday and the kids really wanted to eat cookie cake to celebrate. My Mom had already made a wonderful cake and we celebrated the day prior, but they were a little bummed that they couldn’t get their hands on a cookie cake. That night, when I took the pregnancy test and found out we were expecting, I decided to order a cookie cake.

I lured the family downstairs under the false pretenses that I had a fun afternoon snack for them. It totally worked! My Husband assumed it was another birthday cake. When they opened the cake box, they were in for quite the surprise.

Cookie Cake Pregnancy Announcement, Cookie Cake Baby Announcement Idea

Disney Themed Baby Announcement Idea

My friend Sarah at Sarah in the Suburbs has a handsome little boy who became the third baby in their home. Last year, she planned an at-home Disney themed baby announcement. I love that she didn’t have to go to Disney parks to create the Disney magic in her announcement photo. You’ll notice too that she didn’t know the gender yet when creating this awesome image. You can order Disney Baby Mouse Ears anytime online at ShopDisney and they’ll personalize them too.

Disney themed baby announcement ideas


The Simple Announcement

Since a picture says a 1,000 words – you don’t have to say anything! This is a viral photo on Pinterest (source: imgur) that says everything you need to. I love that you don’t have to get the kids involved if you don’t want to. If you’d rather skip the fussy family photo shoot, this is a great idea. You can use it on social media and everyone will get the idea.

Third Baby Announcement Idea

Theme It With An Upcoming Holiday

Holidays are a fun time to make the announcement. People don’t expect it and there are so many fun ways to make one holiday themed. Check out this Halloween themed baby announcement idea. You can do the same for Christmas with stockings too!

Halloween Baby Announcement Idea

Source: Bored Panda

No matter how you decide to announce your upcoming baby’s arrival, just make it fun and personalize it to your family! It’ll be a fun memory that you’ll cherish forever.

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