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Opinion: Kids Will Have To Be More Mature For Disney Re-Opening

I think we’ve all come to the realization that whether or not we like the phrase, there is a “new normal” thanks to Covid-19. After months of anticipating what the U.S. Disney Parks re-opening will look like, we have our first glimpse of the possibilities – thanks to Shanghai & the upcoming Disney Springs opening.

What is this “new normal” like? ShopDisney is selling masks online. The Shanghai park opened at a lower capacity, but masks are a requirement upon entering the park (along with a temperature check). Even the Disney CEO was quoted that masks will “most likely” be a requirement with the U.S. parks re-opening. 

As an avid Disney fan, DVC Member and Annual Passholder, I can look at those requirements and justify that it’s still worth our family to vacation at the Most Magical Place On Earth. We LOVE Disney. Disney is being smart and I commend them for taking these steps for their guest’s safety. 

However, as a Mom of young kids, I’m just not sure I can get them to hop onboard and agree to wear a mask. For the first time ever, I’m wondering: 

Are my kids mature enough for a Disney family vacation?

Kids Will Have To Be More Mature For Disney Re-Opening

I’m certain that I’m not the only parent who has avoided taking their children out in public during the pandemic. In fact, they barely go for car rides. They don’t play with kids other than themselves. Their biggest outing has been a family hike thus far. 

That means they’ve barely had to wear a mask. It’s a daily norm for my Husband who is required to wear one at work and I never leave the home without one. We just haven’t had to force our kids to wear one because we opted for them to avoid mask situations all together. 

Disney Parks Re-opening, Disney Parks

The Struggle Most Parents Will Face

Kids don’t understand the repercussions of not wearing a mask or what a pandemic is. I don’t expect them to either. If I can’t get my children to keep a mask on at home (they instantly become fun sling shots), then I’m not sure they’ll be able to anywhere else.

I’m struggling to find out where that will leave our theme-park-loving family who heavily invests in Disney Parks. I can’t be the only Mom in America wondering how they’ll enforce their child to wear a mask in the parks.

Will the kids suddenly decide to wear one because they know it’s the only way to experience the Disney magic they love? I’m not sure that I’m willing to risk thousands of dollars on a family vacation, only to constantly argue with my children about wearing a mask. That doesn’t sound magical to me. 

If you think it’s just simple and you force it as the parent – maybe you’re right. I just don’t want to feel like mean mommy on our vacation. I go on family vacations to feel more connected with my kids. Not to be fuming at them for being unable to follow rules.

I’m not sure at what age kids are mature enough to wear masks, since mine are six & three. Who knows, maybe I am in the minority and other people don’t even have this issue with their kids keeping a mask on – feel free to help a Mama out with tips. I just know that Disney Parks vacations, while magical, take a certain amount of patience from parents. We’re going to need more time before going back with the kids.

Disney Re-opening, Disney Characters 

Our Family Vacation Game Plan

If you’ve read this entire article to think that we’re just going to stop traveling, you’re entirely wrong. We probably just need more time before attending as guests in the parks. We had a WDW July 2020 vacation booked (who knows if they’ll even be open by then) that we rescheduled. 

My hopes are that my kids will eventually understand the “new normal” and that kids just need more time than adults to understand. Hopefully by fall, we’ll be ready to go – donning our masks – for our Disney World vacation. 

In the meantime, this summer, I’m looking at exploring beach destinations as a family. We can still social distance outside and spare our sanity since we won’t have to argue with kids over masks. If the Disney Beach Destinations re-open, we’d LOVE a Disney Vero Beach Resort vacation again. 

Disney Vero Beach Resort, Disney Beach Destination

There’s also more of a reason than ever to escape to Disney Parks as a couple, which I never have any complaints about. 

… I can’t be the only Mom having these concerns, right?


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