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5 All-Natural Morning Sickness Remedies (To Save You)

Ah – the thrills of being pregnant! Some days you’re super excited to meet your bundle of joy and other days, you’re over the toilet just trying to survive the day. The beginning of your pregnancy can be such an overwhelming time with new symptoms and your body changing daily. Feeling nauseous and queasy can happen any time of the day – not just the morning. Here are 5 all-natural morning sickness remedies that really helped me out with each of my pregnancies.

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5 All-Natural Morning Sickness Remedies

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Chew On Ginger For Morning Sickness

Scientist think that ginger can help aid in nausea because it keeps your digestive system stable while also helping your blood pressure. To enjoy the benefits of ginger for morning sickness, just purchase some fresh ginger root in the produce section of your grocery store. You can keep it in the refrigerator. When you feel sick, slice a bit to chew on. You can chew it like gum and toss after a few minutes.

If you’re looking for a tastier way to get your ginger in, try the famous Pregnancy Pops that are designed for the first trimester. They use essentials oils, plant botanicals (like ginger) and a mix of vitamins to help ease your pregnancy-related nausea.

Ginger For Morning Sickness, Ginger For Nausea

Sick Sickness Wrist Bands

Pregnant women swear by these! The Sea-Band Anti-Nausea Wristband works by pressure points. The acupressure technology can safely aid your upset stomach without anything artificial. Just wear the band all day to help prevent the nausea from arriving in the first place.

Peppermint For Morning Sickness

There are so many different ways that you can reap the benefits of using peppermint while pregnant. You can chew on peppermint leaves, drink peppermint tea, chew on peppermint mints/gum or use peppermint essential oils on your wrist. With so many different ways of using peppermint, this is a great option to experiment with.

Peppermint For Morning Sickness, Peppermint for nausea

Keep Your Stomach Full Around The Clock

It might seem so simple, but oftentimes we’re so busy that we forget. You need to keep your stomach full at all times to help prevent the morning sickness. The nausea can be worse when your blood sugar drops. You want to eat small meals throughout the day to help stay satiated. Some women swear by keeping saltine crackers by their bed to have a few upon waking up. Breaking the morning fast sooner, will help to alleviate anymore nausea from arising.

Drink Pre-Natal Tea

There are specially formulated natural tea options that are designed just for pregnant women. They aim at providing nutrition via essential vitamins that will help to keep nausea at bay. They will also to help keep you hydrated with is also one of the key morning sickness remedies we oftentimes forget about. Check out some of these top-rated teas:

Drinking Tea While Pregnant, Prenatal tea

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