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Halloween Party Games: Roll The Dice Candy Game

You can’t have a party without planning out some fun games, right? Halloween party games are always a blast and this Roll The Dice Candy Game can’t be beat. You can play this game with a big group of participants or a small group. Kids love playing this game, but it’s also fun for tweens and teens too!

Print this FREE Roll The Dice Candy Game for your next Halloween Party! You'll be swapping, trading and exchanging candy every time someone rolls the dice. #HalloweenPartyGames #HalloweenParty #HalloweenPartyIdeas

We love throwing Halloween parties for our neighborhood kids. If you block out a chunk of time, you’ve got to plan for things to do. When crafts are done and you’ve eaten your snacks, it’s best to pull out the Halloween games. They’ll even burn off some of that sugar high when they play this game!

If you’re wondering where the dice comes in, the printable is actually the dice for the game! Just print out the dice and and use tape to create it. Then you can roll the dice to let the fun begin! It’s meant to be used for one or two nights, and you can always print out a fresh one if needed.

Kids LOVE this game and even if you don’t throw a Halloween party, you can let your kids play this game together after they go trick-or-treating. It’s a fun tradition when we come home from trick-or-treating. They’ll dump the candy, play this game and it’s just simple fun. They’re laughing and being silly while trading, stealing and sharing the candy.

Looking for even more great Halloween Party Ideas? Here are some great party touches that are perfect for spooky season:

Halloween Party Games, Halloween Roll The Dice Candy Game

Halloween Party Games: Roll The Dice Candy Game

Ready to play? All you have to do is print out the instructions and the dice. Use tape or glue to put together your dice. You just fold it into a cube. I like to use heavy card stock. That makes your dice last a bit longer because kids can really give it a good toss.

Opting out of trick-or-treating? This candy game is a great alternative option. You can stay indoors and play in a safe environment, but still have all of the fun that comes with trick-or-treating!

Halloween Party Game, Printable Halloween Party Game

How To Play This Halloween Roll The Dice Candy Game

Let the kids sit in a circle with their Halloween candy (or give them a small pile of candy to begin). Each kid can take turns tossing the dice. Following the game instructions for whichever it lands on. You’ll be swapping, exchanging and laughing the entire time. Who knows what candy you’ll end up with. It’s all for fun and you could even undo the trades after the game.



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