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13 Spectacular Christmas Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

During the holiday season, so many people have big life milestone events happen. It adds an extra touch of magic and excitement. It’s a great time to announce your pregnancy, if you haven’t done so yet. Whether it’s in private to your partner or to announce it to the world, these are the most spectacular Christmas pregnancy announcement ideas that you can easily recreate on your own.

Photo ideas and gifts to make your Christmas pregnancy announcement super special for the holiday season.

When we made our third baby announcement, it wasn’t Christmas yet. I’ve always had wintertime babies, so they were very much so announced by the the time the holiday season arrived. I love the idea of making a Christmas pregnancy announcement because it’s an amazing gift to the people finding out. I honestly can’t think of a better gift than the news of a baby!

A Christmas pregnancy reveal is just like any other time of the year – it’s personal to how you want to do it. My best advice is to wait until you feel comfortable. You can also reveal your pregnancy in different segments. Graduate from your partner, to family and then social media. It’s such a special time in your life.

Typically, most women chose to wait until their first trimester has finished. Some women prefer to wait until their anatomy scan at 20 weeks. It’s a personal choice to make.

Some of these Christmas pregnancy announcement ideas are items you can purchase to help you make the reveal, some are photo shoots and my favorite ones involve pets or siblings. Take these announcements and make them your own. Think of how you can put your own twist on them and get creative.

Christmas Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

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13 Spectacular Christmas Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

Fun and festive ways to make a Christmas pregnancy announcement that will excite loved ones. These are easy to recreate and personalize to make your own.


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