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How To Create A Christmas Tree Silhouette Pregnancy Photo

If you’re lucky enough to be pregnant during the holiday season, there’s a must-do photo that you have to take! It’s all about taking advantage of the twinkling lights and the magic of Christmas. Throughout my entire pregnancy, I’ve been shy about getting in front of the camera – but this is 100% worth it. Here’s how to create a Christmas Tree Silhouette Pregnancy Photo that you’ll cherish forever, in just a few steps.

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The silhouette effect, in front of your Christmas tree, results in an amazingly beautiful look. It’s such a fun and festive way to commemorate your growing baby bump.

Towards the end of my pregnancy, I always feel like a whale. I’ve never felt like I’ve had a cute baby bump and I’ve always opted out of maternity photos. However, this is different because you’re just focusing on the outline of your curves. Trust me – you’re going to love the outcome.

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Tips To Create A Christmas Tree Silhouette Pregnancy Photo

It’s actually quite simple to take one of these pregnancy silhouette photos. You don’t need a fancy set up, studio or professional equipment. Just a little knowledge of how to get the lighting correct, and you’ll be good to go. My Husband assisted and was able to take the photos for me.

I highly recommend asking someone to take your photos, instead of using a timer. Where the lighting focus is, when you take the photo, will make all of the difference.

How To Create a Christmas Tree Pregnancy Silhouette Photo

Here’s How To Get The Shot With Your SmartPhone:

  1. Turn off all of the lights, except for the Christmas tree: You’ll want any background lighting to be completely turned dark.
  2. Stand in front of the tree, making sure your front curves are centered to the tree: If your tree is larger, stand in the middle. If it’s smaller, make sure to step back so the front of your bump is clearly outlined.
  3. Control your white balance & aperture: Most smartphones will automatically set the white balance and aperture automatically.
  4. Using an iPhone 12? Turn on the LIDAR technology, for the iPhone 12, for the nighttime shot.
  5. Play with your posing: Take a few shots clothes and try in the buff as well. I prefer my nude ones best (with a hand bra). I found that tilting my head back captured the tree’s lighting. I also arched my back for the “rear” curves. I’ve also seen moms put their older kids in front of their belly to kiss it – it’s adorable.


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