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FREE Printable You’ve Been Jingled PDF Game

I’m all about spreading some Christmas cheer and why not start in your own neighborhood? If you’re looking to get into the holiday spirit, this FREE Printable You’ve Been Jingled game is the perfect way to start. It’s a PDF download that comes with everything you need. Add some Christmas treats and the game just gets sweeter!

Free Printable You've Been Jingled Game PDF

Imagine hearing a knock on your front door or hear the doorbell ring while you’re doing something. You stop to answer the front door and you find a nice sweet holiday surprise. That’s something even a Grinch will enjoy! But that’s not the end… you can spread the Christmas cheer by passing it along to somebody else.

You’ll love receiving the gift, but passing the gift along to someone else is just as much fun. Make your own holiday treats or buy a few pieces of candy from the store to keep things simple.

Then your family can pass along the treats and printable PDF on someone else’s door step. They’ll open the door and have the same joyful surprise reaction you did! Then, of course, they pass along the cheer too. It keeps going throughout the holiday season.

Do you love Christmas printables to add some joy to the season? I’m a big fan! Check out these FREE holiday printables that will put you into the spirit:

How To Print Your You’ve Been Jingled Game PDF

This game is so easy to play and it’s so much fun. My kids love playing this game every Christmas season and it never gets old to spread some holiday cheer. I’ve got everything you need, below, to print the game and instructions on how to play – plus ideas to get you started!

Printable You've Been Jingled PDF Game
Play this You’ve Been Jingled game with neighbors to spread Christmas cheer!

How To Play You’ve Been Jingled Game

Anything can be included in a Jingle treat bag! This is the perfect opportunity to get creative. I love to include some homemade baked goods, but little crafts or candies work well too. Start with a little plate or basket to put your treats in and print out the game.

You’ll put the note and door hanger in the basket together. This tells the neighbor that they’ve been jingled and how to play, to pass along the joy to another neighbor. The idea is to keep the chain going until Christmas Day.

But do remember that there’s no pressure for them to do the same, especially if they’re not capable of doing this act due to budget constraints. No need to worry, the act of giving a little gift is just as much fun!

Ideas For A Jingle Treat Basket:

Treat Labels For Game
These labels are so cute to add to your treat basket!

Print Your You’ve Been Jingled Game

I like to print all of my printables on White Card Stock Paper. It’s thicker and more durable. Of course, printing in color ink is the way to go too. Save this PDF to your desktop or bookmark the URL of this page to play every year. Download the PDF from the button below, print it on card stock with color ink and cut out the individual pieces.

Ensure your Jingle Treat basket has everything it needs for your neighbor to pass it forward and keep plaything the game! They’ll hang their door hanger, on the front door, to let people know they’ve already been jingled.

Materials Needed:

  • White Card Stock
  • Printer
  • Color Ink
  • Scissors
  • Basket or Plate

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