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FREE Printable Paper Nativity For Kids PDF

The reason for the season is Jesus. Teach your children the story of the nativity and all about Jesus’s birthday, with this FREE Printable Paper Nativity for kids. They’re 3D paper cones that kids can color themselves. The cones stand up and act as the nativity as they learn all about the important message and meaning of the Christmas holiday.

I’ll show you how to download your nativity pieces, print them in a way that they’ll last throughout the season and show you how to set them up. My kids love this printable nativity and I hope your kids do too!

Free printable nativity for kids made out of paper

We have so much great Christmas decor for our home, but the nativity we own is so precious. It’s a gift that we inherited from my Husband’s mother who has since passed away. As much as I love displaying it, it’s hard to risk it with toddlers.

This Paper Nativity For Kids is my solution. It’s an activity, where they can color the cones themselves and then you can display the pieces – just like you would with a regular nativity. The kids really understand the story of the nativity. They color and think about it at the same time! It’s a great Christmas activity.

Throughout the Christmas season, the kids can move the pieces around or play with it while you read them the Christmas story. Display baby Jesus or keep him away from the nativity throughout advent – waiting until Christmas morning!

Looking for even more great Christmas printables for the holiday season? Here are some of my favorites that readers love too:

Download Your Printable Paper Nativity For Kids

There’s a trick to making sure your paper nativity lasts (and stand up on their own). Using heavy white card stock paper makes all the difference. The card stock is better for coloring too. If the kids want to use markers, it won’t bleed through the paper (unlike traditional copy paper).

Printable Paper Nativity For Kids

Materials Needed:

Print Your FREE Paper Nativity For Kids

Download your printable by clicking on the button below. Either save the PDF to your desktop or bookmark this URL if you want to find it again in the future. Next, set up your printer to the appropriate printer settings. Print out the PDF file.

Printable Paper Nativity For Kids

Use the directions on the printable to cut where directed. Color each cone. Fold the cones and use the glue sticks to secure the 3D cones. Organize and play with your nativity!

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