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FREE Santa Cam Printable PDF

Alright, let’s fess up! Chances are if you’ve found this web page that you’re a parent taking advantage of the Christmas season. There’s nothing wrong with that! Kids will be on their best behavior when you download this FREE Santa Cam Printable. It looks like Santa is always watching, from the North Pole, with a camera directly in your home.

Download your free printable Santa Cam PDF - so kids will be on their best behavior throughout the holiday season.

There’s so much magic surrounding Christmas when your kids are young. They truly believe in the magic and everything that comes with Santa. Why not use the magic to work in your favor?

I love the Santa Cam because you don’t have to think about it every day (ahem – like a certain Elf we know). You can attach the printable to a wall or hang it and they’ll know Santa can “check in” to see if they are naughty or nice.

Hopefully your kids make the nice list this holiday season, especially with the help of Santa Cam. If they don’t make the nice list, there’s always my favorite Christmas Coal Fudge recipe to make!

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Print Your Free Santa Cam PDF Download

There’s the easy way to print out your download, and there’s nothing wrong with that, but there’s a better way – and that’s what I’m sharing. Take the time to print the PDF correctly and it will last the entire holiday season (plus it looks even more realistic).

Free Santa Cam Printable PDF
This Santa Cam is the real deal! Kids will always know the big guy is watching!

Materials You’ll Need:

How To Print Your Santa Cam Printable

To print your Santa Cam, you’ll want to click the button below to download the file. Save it directly to your computer or bookmark the URL of this page to use again in the future.

Load your heavy white card stock paper and select the correct printer settings. Print the Santa Cam PDF in color. The sheet comes with several cams – so you can use one for the family or put them in each kid’s room.

Cut the Santa Cam using craft scissors. You can mount it to a wall using tape or hang it on your Christmas tree with twine or ribbon. Personally, I think it’s more believable if it’s mounted to the wall!

Whenever the kids need a little reminder to be on their best behavior for the nice list, you can point at the cam to remind them that Santa is watching!

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