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FREE Printable Christmas Wine Labels PDF

If you’re like me, and you take every holiday to the next level, then why not customize your wine bottles? Print your FREE PDF Printable Christmas Wine Labels to add a festive touch to each bottle. Use them as a hostess gift for a holiday party, as decor for your own party!

It’s such an easy way to turn any bottle into a gift. I’ve got 8 different Christmas designs that are sure to add a special touch to your holiday season!

Free Christmas Wine Bottle Labels

I think when you love the Christmas season, it shows in everything you do during the end of the year. The little details are what make the holiday special and the joy people find in Christmas is incomparable. These Christmas Wine Labels can be used on any bottle – not just wine. They’re a fun way to set up a bar at a party or give a gift.

There’s a reindeer design, Santa and an elf! Plus, there are more generic “seasons greetings” designs or “happy holidays” that are more sophisticated. Fun or sophisticated, you can pick what you need for the occasion!

Looking for even more Christmas printables for the season? Here are my top picks that readers love year after year:

Christmas Wine Labels To Print From Home

There are two different ways that you can print your labels from home. You can purchase sticker paper to print on, cut them out and then you’ll be able to slap the label right onto the bottle (over the original label). Or if you want to use heavy card stock paper, you can use your own double-stick tape to adhere it onto the bottle. Either way works, I just like the sticker paper a bit better.

Free printable Christmas wine bottle labels

Materials Needed:

  • Printer With Color Ink
  • Sticker Paper or Heavy Card Stock
  • Optional: Double Stick Tape

How To Print Your Christmas Wine Labels

Download the PDF document from the link below. You can bookmark the URL to this page, to find it again in the future. Or save the file to your computer. Make sure your printer preferences are set up for color ink and to the correct size of the image you want.

Next, just print out the labels and adhere with your sticker paper or double-sided tape!

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