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Printable Christmas Party Game For Kids: Pin The Nose On Santa

Christmas is certainly the most magical time of the year and we love to celebrate with friends and family. We have a tradition of some old-fashioned fun, with a little competition, when we play some holiday games. If you’re looking for Christmas Party Games For Kids, you’re going to love this printable “Pin The Nose On Santa” game! The kids love playing and it’s the perfect addition to any festive party.

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Even if you don’t throw a traditional Christmas party, your kids can play this one anytime. It’s a traditional game, just like “Pin The Tail On The Donkey” which has been around for centuries. I guarantee you’ll get some laughs and giggle from the kids as they attempt to put the nose on Santa.

Print Your Christmas Party Game For Kids “Pin The Nose”

All you need to do is print from the PDF link below. I like to print on a thicker card stock paper, which helps the game stay sturdy on a wall surface. You can download the PDF link and save it to your computer or bookmark this URL page to use year after year!

Printable Christmas Party Game For Kids


Materials Needed:

  • Card Stock Paper For Printing
  • Color Ink
  • Scissors
  • Blindfold
  • Tape

How To Play “Pin The Nose On Santa”

  1. Tape Santa to any wall surface, so he’s flat.
  2. Using scissors, cut out the noses and keep them nearby (I put them in a bucket).
  3. Let the kids line up for taking turns, about six feet away from Santa. Blindfold the participant and spin them in a circle 3 times.
  4. The kids can attempt to put the nose on Santa, in the correct spot.
  5. The winner is determined by whoever gets the nose closest to where it’s supposed to go!

Make the game fun by giving the winner a festive prize. This Christmas party game is great for kids ages 3+ and even adults like to get in on the fun. If you’re having trouble keeping track of the noses, you can add initials after the player has placed the nose on Santa. The closest nose wins.

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