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FREE You’ve Been Gobbled PDF Printable

Celebrate fall and pass around some thanks with this FREE “You’ve Been Gobbled” Thanksgiving Neighborhood Game that the kids will love. It’s really easy, fun and tiny bit secretive to play – as you’re passing around some treats. You’ll be leaving a treat basket on your neighbor’s porch, filled with whatever you want to add, and a printable to let them know to pay it forward. Then, your whole neighborhood will be passing along the thanks as you prep for Thanksgiving to come!

You've Been Gobbled printable Thanksgiving neighborhood game!

Thanksgiving games are a fun way to kids to celebrate the popular fall holiday. As the weather becomes more crisp, it’s even easier for the kids to be outside for fun. This You’ve Been Gobbled Printable allows the kids to pick out any neighbor that they want to share Thanksgiving treats with.

We love to make a weekend of it by making some homemade treats in the kitchen. There’s no better way to spread some thanks than making some giving out some baked goods fresh from the kitchen. My Pumpkin Snickerdoodle Cookies are easy and always a favorite. Homemade Caramel Corn is another one that people love to receive as a treat.

Just get a little basket or container to use and fill it with your favorite treats. Consider passing on chocolate items if you live somewhere warm. Secretively, place the basked on your neighbors porch and leave the “You’ve Been Gobbled” printable. It will give them instructions to pass along the thanks!

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Print Your “You’ve Been Gobbled” PDF

To print your game, I recommend using color ink and a slightly higher quality paper than normal printer paper. Using a heavier card stock paper will keep it sturdy as you place it on their porch.

Just download the PDF printable from the link below, print your “You’ve Been Gobbled” signage and get your treat basket ready to go. The printable has the instructions on it so that the neighbors can pay it forward, so you want to include that. Then, there are adorable little messages of thanks that you can add to your treats!

You've Been Gobbled Printable Thanksgiving Game

Step-By-Step Instructions To Play This Thanksgiving Game

  • Print out this Thanksgiving neighborhood Game
  • Bake your treats and add the message of thanks, with the instructions
  • Leave them on a neighbor’s porch with “You’ve Been Gobbled” printable on the door (where they can see it)
  • They will follow the instructions to “pay it forward” and keep the game going
Thanksgiving Neighborhood Game Instructions for You've Been Gobbled

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