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FREE Printable Thanksgiving Family Game: Pin The Feather

Our family’s Thanksgiving celebration isn’t complete without watching football and playing some games together. When I’m in the kitchen, and the kids need entertainment, I always use this printable Thanksgiving family game“Pin The Feather On The Turkey” – and they LOVE it. All of the cousins play it together and it’s such a simple game. Just download your free game to print and enjoy, as a family, on Thanksgiving day!

Download your FREE printable Thanksgiving family game - Pin The Feather On The Turkey! The kids love it and it's great entertainment. #Thanksgiving #ThanksgivingGames

I never knew how long of a day Thanksgiving felt until I started cooking. When school is out and there’s nowhere to go, the kids are constantly looking for entertainment. Rather than have their noses in the screens, I wanted them to bond with family in town. Thanksgiving games quickly became a fun family tradition for us.

It doesn’t matter the age of the kids who are playing, everyone seems to have a good time since we’re in the holiday spirit. Basically, this game is a Thanksgiving spin on “Pin The Tail On The Donkey” that we grew up with. Except the kids are trying to pin the feathers on the turkey!

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Free printable Thanksgiving family game - pin the feather on the turkey

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Print Your FREE Thanksgiving Family Game: Pin The Feather

To play the game, you just have to download and print the game pieces below. There are two downloads, the turkey and the feathers. Cut out the feathers to play. I like to print on a sturdy card stock, using color ink. Tape the turkey on the wall.

Line up the kids and blindfold the child who is about to play first. You can use any piece of fabric (or sleep mask) to cover their eyes. Give them a feather (with tape on the back) to hold onto. Spin them a few times and then send them off in the direction of the turkey that’s on the wall.

The player tries to put the feather in the correct spots, but it’s super silly because they’ll be slightly dizzy with no sight. Whoever gets their feather closest to the correct spots will win the game!

Thanksgiving game instructions

What You’ll Need To Play:

  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • Paper and Ink
  • Blindfold


This is always the best printable Thanksgiving family game and you’re sure to have an absolute blast playing. You can bookmark this URL and print it out every year, or save the file to your desktop.


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