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Free Printable Preschool Graduation Keepsake

Graduation should be celebrated at every age and there’s no more bittersweet time than when your little one graduates from preschool and moves onto Kindergarten. You want them to remember the special day and this free Printable Preschool Graduation Printable Keepsake is perfect! This PDF download includes two different versions – where you can include their graduation photo and even their handprint.

Grab your FREE printable preschool graduation keepsake to commemorate the special occasion!

I created this printable because my middle child is about to graduate from preschool. It’s going to be a way he can remember it. It’s so special for them to look back and see how small they were or how small their hand print was. My oldest didn’t have something like that when he graduated preschool.

Most schools have spring photos with a graduation cap picture. Use your child’s graduation photo for the “this is me” portion of the printable OR let them color themselves. For the hand print section of the printable, use washable finger paint to make a handprint.

Looking for more great printables for kids? I’ve got some awesome ideas that you can download and use:

Printable Preschool Graduation Keepsake PDF

Print this PDF file to use a few weeks before they graduate. Once they have graduation photos, you can make your keepsake. I love the idea to display it in your child’s bedroom by framing it. You can also display it if you have a preschool graduation party with friends and family.

FREE printable preschool graduation keepsake PDF

How To Print Your Keepsake

Since you want your child’s keepsake to last a long time, I recommend printing it on heavier card stock paper. It’s a bit more sturdy than traditional copy paper. To download the PDF, click on the link below. You can save it to your desktop or bookmark the URL to this page (if you want to find it again easily). Then, just print your PDF and help your child to fill out the information! It’s easy, cute and fun.

preschool printable for kids
graduation before kindergarten

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