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FREE Tooth Fairy Printable Note & Receipt For Extra Magic

One of the best “coming of age” events for young kids is losing their first tooth. I’ve always been sad when it happens because it means my little ones are growing up, but they couldn’t be more thrilled about it. The Tooth Fairy visiting doesn’t have to be a boring event. Add some magic and whimsy to the exchange with this free Tooth Fairy Printable Note & Receipt. Just leave this underneath the pillow and they’ll certainly be a believer.

Making losing a tooth even more magical, for kids, with this FREE printable Tooth Fairy note & receipt! #Toothfairy

I promise your kids will love waking up to this fun surprise alongside their tooth fairy money. It adds a touch of magic to the exchange and you can keep the note as a way to commemorative them losing their tooth. They even come with a cute envelope to fold and use!

You can mark which tooth they lost, their age, and even add a note to remind them to brush their teeth! Want to make these tooth fairy printable notes even more magical? Spray them with a glitter spray that’s designed for paper – I found one on Amazon.

Looking for even more printables for young kids? Here are some of my favorites:

Free printable tooth fairy note and receipt

Print Your Free Tooth Fairy Printable Note & Receipt

It’s so easy to make losing their tooth extra magical. Just download this printable from the link below. You can either save it to your computer or bookmark this URL for later (especially if you want to print out more in the future). Use color ink and a thick card stock paper works best. Card stock will also help it last longer if you want to keep it as a memento. 

Print it out and trim around the edges, using scissors. If you’d like, use a spray glitter that’s designed for paper. It will add some firmness to the paper as well, to also help it last longer.

Just place it under your child’s pillow when you take the tooth! That’s it – so easy and fun.




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