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This Roll The Dice Game Gets Kids Moving When Stuck At Home

Being stuck inside naturally means that kids are going to have more screen time. In moderation, screen time is fine. We’ve even been doing all of our schoolwork online. Kids are kids though and need a break. When I’m looking for something fun that gets them moving, this Roll The Dice Game is a fun solution! All you need is an open space, where the kids have room to wiggle, and a dice – that’s it. You’re sure to get some giggles out while encouraging some exercise. 

Print this fun Roll The Dice kids game that encourages exercise and moving, while having fun! It's a boredom buster that get's them away from screen time for a bit. #KidsBoredomBuster #KidsGames #RollTheDiceGame #KidsExercise #KidsActivities #KidsGames

There are a few optional items that you can add to make this game more fun. Of course, you don’t need any of these things. It’s just another fun way to play!


  • Music 
  • Hula Hoop (for rolling a three)

In my experience, kids have more fun when they don’t realize it’s exercise. My oldest isn’t a big fan of exercise (or team sports) but playing this game gets him moving. 

You can purchase dice on Amazon or at your local dollar store.

Kids Roll The Dice Game, Kids Exercise Game

Print Your Free Roll The Dice Game For Kids

To print this game, just download from the PDF link below. You can print it off and laminate it so that it’s waterproof if you take it outside. If you’d rather save paper, just keep it pulled up on your screen while playing the game. 

I save the PDF to my desktop so I can print it out again when we want to play again!


Kids Roll The Dice Game, Exercise Game For Kids

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