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Printable Easter Egg Paper Wraps: Dinosaur & Unicorn Designs

Our kids love to dye Easter eggs and it’s a yearly tradition that we do every spring. There’s just something special about watching the eggs turn to a beautiful and vibrant color. After we dye Easter eggs, we let the kids decorate them! These FREE printable Easter egg paper wraps are an easy and fun way to add a cute touch. They are unicorn and dinosaur prints that you just wrap around the dried egg. It can’t get any easier than this for your Easter festivities.Print these FREE unicorn and dinosaur printable Easter egg wraps to decorate your dyed eggs. #Easter #EasterPrintable #EasterEggDying #DyingEggs

These wraps make it really easy to add a special touch to your Easter eggs. Kids love unicorns and dinosaurs – so these designs are perfect for your elementary aged child. Personally, I love the cute pastel colors too. Check out how awesome they look once you use them!

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Print Your Easter Egg Paper Wraps + How To Use Them

Using these wraps is so easy. After you dye your eggs, according to package instructions, you need to let them rest and dry completely. For us, that usually takes about 4 hours total.

In the meantime, you can print these designs out on bright white card stock paper for best results. Cut around the designs using pointed scissors. For best results, have an adult do that part. Kids can cut out the designs too, but might not be able to cut as close.

Use a glue stick or clear tape to wrap the design around the egg and secure. Voila! That’s it – so easy and fun.

Printable Easter egg wraps: dinosaur and unicorn design

Print Your Designs

By downloading and printing the PDF file below, you’ll get BOTH the unicorn and dinosaur designs. Using a bright white card stock paper helps the design to stay vertical and adds more structure.


Unicorn printable Easter egg wrap

Print your dinosaur Easter egg wrap

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