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Beginner Guide To Historic Banning Mills Zip Line

Epic views and thrilling family adventure can be found just an hour away from Atlanta in Historic Banning Mills. Adventure is an easy weekend getaway with their family-friendly accommodations and, of course, the Historic Banning Mills Zip Line! It’s a canopy adventure that’s over 12 miles long and an unforgettable experience.

Tips for historic banning mills zip line course with kids.

If you’re unfamiliar, Banning Mills is located slightly west of Atlanta, in Whitesburg, Georgia, and offers so many ways for guests to reconnect with nature. It’s half a family resort and half of an adventure park with outdoor fun for all ages.

Banning Mills is home to the World’s Largest Continuous Zip Line Canopy Course. It’s just one of the outdoor adventures that the family resort offers. Other options include horseback riding, hiking trails, kayaking and ATV tours.

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Banning Mills Zip Lines

Group zip line tours assign guests individual times. Groups of 8 guests meet and you are given safety instructions and directions. The groups are smaller because they can’t fit more than 8 people on a zip line platform. First timers shouldn’t worry because the experts will guide you on all of the equipment and ensure you’re set to go. Everything is included in the price, so you just show up to your meeting time.

Banning Mills has four levels of zip lines, each one increasing in length, speed, and height. The levels build on each other, so everyone starts at the beginning. Every guest must meet the weight and age requirements for each level (which isn’t the same for each level).

Tips for Historic Banning Mills Zip Line Course
The zip line courses give guests the ultimate views above the trees.

Level 1 Zip Line

Level 1 is a series of zip lines at lower levels. This level is perfect for first-timers and younger kids.  Kids need to be at least 8 years old and 50 lbs to participate; anything lighter and they just won’t have enough momentum to get from platform to platform.  The maximum weight is 250lbs for women and 285lbs for men.

One guide stays with guests on the platform while the other would go ahead to the next platform and be ready for guests to zip across. On the platforms you are hooked into a safety cable at all times.

Level 2 Zip Line

Level 2 gets a little more adventurous.  Since these zip lines are a little longer and a lot higher, kids need to be a minimum of 90lbs and 10 years old.  That’s pretty big for a 10 year old, so suffice it to say that most kids will stick to level 1.  You can’t skip to level 2; all levels are done in succession.

Level 2 is a workout and more challenging.  It adds in sky bridges, like you would find on a high ropes course.  Again, you are strapped into a safety cable every time you step off a platform, so on the off chance you do slip, you’ll just dangle a little before you get yourself right again.

You don’t need to be in great shape to complete level 2 zip line, but you’re going to feel it and possibly break a sweat. Expect sore muscle the next day. On the contrary though, you’re going to get even better views at higher levels. The reward is worth the breathtaking bird’s-eye views.

Level 2 zip line at banning mills

Level 3 Zip Line

Level 3 incudes the longest zip line which is 1500 feet long and guests will soar above the trees at 55-60 MPH. It’s not unusual for groups to be smaller by Level 3, simply because some guests aren’t seeking thrills at that speed. The last zip is arguably the best at Banning Mills, since instead of crossing over the Snake River Gorge,  you zip along it.  The views are amazing.

Snake River George

Zip Line Add-Ons

Flight of the Falcon can be added onto Level Three or Level Four only. It gives gives a gorgeous view of Snake Creek George and the added thrill of going over (and under) other zip lines. The ride is over 3400 feet and a great addition to Level Three or Four if you want to see more of the surrounding areas.

The Aerial Adventure Challenge Park is another zip line add on. It’s a series of challenges that are 80ft up in the air. It can be added to Level 2, 3 & 4 zip lines. The park breaks up the zip line course a bit and offers a new challenge.

Zip Line All Day Long – For True Adrenaline Junkies

If you can’t get enough, Banning Mills offers the All Day Rush, allowing guests to climb and zip for 8 hours straight. Lunch is included as is the Aerial Adventure Challenge Park.

Tips For The Best Experience at Historic Banning Mills Zip Line

To prepare for your zip line experience, it’s advised that guests do not wear sleeveless shirts. You can wear shorts, but jeans are much more appropriate and comfortable with the safety harness. Guests must wear closed toe shoes – sneakers being preferred.

When you are actively zip lining you need your hands free when it comes time to stop / slow down so don’t think that you’re going to hold your phone and video the whole thing.  If you want to do that, use a Go Pro to strap to your helmet.

I also suggest using a fanny pack or exercise waist belt – like SpiBelt – to carry anything else you might need. Keep your hands free the entire time.

Zip lining across the canopy of trees

Historic Banning Mills Zip Line FAQ

Where is it?

Historic Banning Mills is in Whitesburg, GA which is west Georgia.  This is about 90 minutes from my home in East Cobb County; it’s not far from Six Flags Over Georgia.  The closest towns are Carrollton and Newnan.  It could certainly be a day trip for a metro Atlanta family.

How much does it cost?

Each level includes the level prior to it.   For example, if you go up to Level 2, you will pay $79 pp TOTAL, not an additional $79 after Level 1.

Level 1: $49 pp   Level 2: $79 pp   Level 3: $99 pp   Level 4: $149 pp

There is a Level 5 experience that involves an all day adventure and lunch.  $249 pp; see website for details and any restrictions. 

Historic Banning Mills occasionally offers packages and discounts so be sure to follow them on social media to be informed.

Tips for your guides are not required but are appreciated.  If you don’t have cash, you can leave a tip with card when you check out after the tour.  A lot of the guides are college kids.

Is it really safe for kids?

There was not one moment where I didn’t feel safe.  I was nervous, yes, but not because I didn’t feel safe.  Our guides, while laid back and fun, took our safety very seriously.  There were a couple of times where some participants came in to the platform pretty fast and our guides were always there to catch them and keep them from injury.  I sent my youngest out there ahead of me; I can tell you that I wouldn’t have done that if I had the least little concern.

Is Banning Mills Zip Line Worth The Money?

Yes! Just going to Banning Mills for the zip line is worth it alone. The price tag is shocking at first, but the adventure is quite worth it. You’ll create unforgettable memories, feel adrenaline and it’s a definitely a family bonding experience unlike any other.

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