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Avengers Cupcake Toppers with Printable | DIY Tutorial

These Avengers Cupcake Toppers craft are perfect for your themed party, or just to do for fun.  I’ve included a printable with cupcake toppers featuring adorable depiction of several of the Avengers characters from Avengers Infinity War.  Mix and match or choose whichever ones you like best. Follow the instructions at the end of this post.

These Avengers Cupcake Toppers are perfect for your themed party or movie night. Print them for FREE and use a toothpick to place on your cupcake. #Avengers #Marvel #MarvelCrafts #MarvelMovies

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Avengers Cupcake Toppers with Printable | DIY Tutorial

This cupcake topper printable features 9 Marvel Characters

Doctor Strange:  The wizard with his magic Cloak of Levitation and the eye of Agamotto.

Thor:  Inspired by Ragnarok, with short hair, two eyes, and no Mjolnir.

Iron Man: this adorable iron man suit (Mark Cute) takes inspiration from the Mark L used in Avengers Infinity War.

Thanos: The Ultimate big bad Thanos seems like a manageable threat in this cute cupcake topper form, even with the Infinity Gauntlet.

Captain America:  A bearded Steve Rogers is in stealth mode in his new darker costume with muted tones, grey stripes replacing the former white, and a black star on his chest.

Vision:  With his mind stone still intact, all is not yet lost.

Black Panther: T’Challa is ready to trade vibranium for frosting when you top your cupcake with this sweet little guy.

6 Avengers: This cupcake topper includes Black Panther, Captain America, Iron Man, Doctor Strange, Thor, and Spiderman.

Spiderman: Inspired by The Iron Spider-man suit in Avengers Infinity War, this much cuter version belongs on a tasty cupcake.

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DIY Cupcake Topper Craft Tutorial

Make your cupcakes just a little more special for an Avengers themed party, or just because.  Just print these out and follow the instructions below.

Things you’ll need:




construction paper

First, print out the sheets.  There are nine toppers per sheet and you will use twice the amount as the number of cupcakes.  Cut the circles out and trace around them on construction paper to cut out the backing.  When that’s done, glue the printouts onto the construction paper.  Finally, glue the back sides of two toppers together with a toothpick fixed between them.  Make sure the toothpick extends far enough to penetrate the surface of the cupcake.  That’ all there is to it!


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