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Atlanta In-Home Lash Extensions & Tanning Services (Review)

I’m a busy mom of three boys, but that doesn’t stop me from wanting a little bit of pampering. Taking care of myself helps me to feel better and give me some confidence as my kids rapidly age me on a daily basis (dramatic? yes. accurate? yes!). My favorite NEW self-indulgence comes in the form of Atlanta In-Home Lash Extensions & Tanning Services. Minked Luxury Lashes comes to you to offer a full set of lash extensions and spray tanning.

Everything you need to know about custom lash extensions: from price to maintenance. #lashextensions #Beauty #spaservices

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Atlanta In-Home Lash Extensions & Tanning Services (Review)

Trained in New York City, from the pros, Sarah is the owner of Minked Luxury Lashes. She’s been servicing the Atlanta area for over ten years and coming to client’s home for the ultimate easy, yet luxurious, experience. She was referred to me by Jordan at Swan Center who takes care of my Dysport and face fillers.

I decided to dive into the world of lash extensions after spending tons of money on serums and mascaras. I was always buying the latest and greatest on the market – spending hundreds of dollars each month. I also had a “lash lift” (at Deka which I DO NOT recommend) and it did nothing.

After watching nothing change about my lashes, I knew I wanted to invest in extensions. They’re a life-changing once you take the plunge.

Sarah also does in-home spray tans for the Atlanta area. She creates a customized bronze look and applies herself, for a one-of-a-kind tan. You can even do just your legs and arms with a light bronze, if that’s preferred.

Before And After Atlanta Lash Extensions

Minked Luxury Lashes: How In-Home Lash Extensions Work

As a busy mom, I love having the option of somebody coming to me. My baby was able to take a nap right next to me and I even held him for the first portion of my services. 

Sarah brings everything she needs for lash extensions into your home. You relax on your own couch, tilt your head back and let her do the magic. You can even use it as a time to nap since your eyes will be closed.

You can completely customize the look that you want to achieve because individual lashes are applied to your natural lash. There’s no lash strip. You can make them as long or as curly as you want. There’s even different styles and looks – a “cat eye” design. She’ll create the lashes of your dreams.

Your first appointment will be your “full set” application. The whole process takes about an hour. Secondary visits are only fill-in appointments and needed every 3-4 weeks. I’ve gone 4 weeks and I still love the look of my lashes.

The Best Atlanta Lash Extension Services

How To Maintain Your Lash Extensions

To get the most bang for your buck, you’ll want to take care of your lashes. I use makeup removing wipes instead of full submerging my face in water to remove makeup. You don’t want water to break up the adhesive. Of course, you CAN get wet and submerge your face in water –  but it won’t help extend the life of your lashes.

One of my favorite parts is the fact that you don’t need to wear mascara anymore. You can still use eye-liner if you want that look.

To remove your eye makeup, just rub off gently with an oil-based remover and a Q-tip. For sleeping, I sleep on my back to better protect the lashes.

How Lash Extensions Work

Cost Of Atlanta In-Home Lash Extensions Services

Your first full set is $145 USD and then every fill-in is $65 USD. For me, it’s been entirely worth the cost because my lashes have lifted my face. You feel like you get a little eye-lift without the surgery. I highly recommend the experience – especially for a special occasion. Plan to get your lashes 2-3 days prior to a wedding or vacation.

SARAH @ Minked Luxury Lashes

Call or text to book your Atlanta in-home lash extensions: 404-428-0317

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