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5 Reasons To Book Your Injections With Swan Center Alpharetta (Review)

There comes a time in our lives when we all look in the mirror and start to notice the early signs of aging. For me, that was the look of exhaustion. After three kids, I began to have an overall tired appearance on my face. Prevention and early intervention is key to slow the aging process. I’ve trusted Swan Center Alpharetta with all of my cosmetic injection needs and I’m sharing my honest review of why you should consider them too.

Swan Center Alpharetta Botox & Filler Review

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5 Reasons To Visit Swan Center Alpharetta For Injections (Review)

Let’s be honest, it can be nerve-wracking and overwhelming when you first decide to take the plunge into the world of cosmetic injections. There’s a research stage when you’re just trying to figure out where to go. Too many physicians have decided to offer aesthetic treatments, that it can be hard to decipher where to go. You’ll want an established facility with a well-qualified medical professional team. At Swan Center, you’ll get beyond that – you’ll book with an artist.

#1 Professionals Who Care For Patients With Pride

Jordan Dupree, BSN has been taking care of patients at the Swan Center since 2017. She takes pride in her work and ensures that every client leaves happy. With a passion for aesthetic nursing, she creates a customized plan for her patients to help them look and feel their best. 

Personally, I’ve really appreciated her honest perspective and assistance in helping me make informed decisions. She knows that cosmetic injections are an investment and will help you decide on the procedures that will be right for you.

Additionally, she’s an industry leader by continuing her education and introducing new treatments to the Swan Center patients. Whether it’s a known big-name like Botox® or a cutting-edge new treatment, like Qwo®, you’ll be in good hands.

Lip Injections At Swan Center Alpharetta

#2 Never Leave Looking Unnatural

Everyone wants to achieve a refreshed look that’s natural in every way. You’ll never leave Swan Center looking overworked or fake. At your consultation you can discuss what your goals are and how you’ll get there. They take pride in their patients and want results you’ll show off. 

#3 Careful Pain Management During Treatment

Don’t be nervous about the pain associated with dermal fillers or Botox®. Some areas, like your lips, are more sensitive than others. Don’t let that deter you from getting work done. The Swan Center is great about caring for patients and monitoring their pain during the process. Numbing creams and vibration to distract your nerve endings helps relieve any discomfort you might have.

Numbing cream for dermal fillers

#4 Swan Center Follow Up Appointments For Best Results

You’ll be a satisfied client when you go to Swan Center, and that means you can schedule a follow-up visit. Over the years, Jordan has been great about making sure I’m happy with the results. She knows the importance of starting small and adding more later, if necessary. They know purchasing Botox® or dermal fillers is an investment and want you to be satisfied with the results.

#5 After-Care Advice You’ll Understand

If it’s your first time getting injections, you won’t leave feeling “in the dark” about your after-care. The Swan Center educates every patient with the information they need after their appointment – even if it’s just a simple ice routine. Jordan walks you through what to expect when you get home, how long your potential bruising could last and when you’ll see the full results.

Swan Center Alpharetta Georgia Before/After

While the entire team at The Swan Center Alpharetta is amazing, I’ve had wonderful results working with Jordan Dupree (check out her Instagram page for more before/after photos). She’s so easy going and makes you feel comfortable about the entire process. Plus, she’ll work with your budget! You won’t regret booking your injections at Swan Center.

Here’s all services that Jordan at Swan Center Alpharetta Offers:

  • Sculptra® Butt Lift
  • Prp Hair Restoration
  • Prp Undereye Restoration
  • Filler (in all areas of the face)
  • Dysport® and botox®
  • Qwo®
  • Kybella®

Swan Center Alpharetta

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