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$100 Per Day Travel Tips: “George Goes Everywhere” TV Debut

Are you ready to dip your toes back into the world of travel? I know I am! Travel expert and TV host, George Igoe, is here to show us how. The show, “George Goes Everywhere,” which was filmed prior to Covid-19, is based upon the simple premise of how to travel with a $100 daily budget – and still have fun. With travelers ready to get back out, viewers can now stream episodes on Million Stories. Check out my interview below to hear some fun behind-the-scenes stories AND budget-friendly travel tips!

“George Goes Everywhere” Episode Information 

The show features 12 different U.S. cities and what caught my attention the most was his Atlanta episode. In my interview with George, I asked him a lot about what he did in Atlanta. It’s fun to see your own city from a tourist’s perspective.

George dives into local culture and history as he tours cities’ hidden gems, from old subway stops and Naval ships, to puppet museums and corn mazes. His 12-city tour kicks off in New York City and upcoming city adventures also include popular cities like Boston and Nashville. 

About George Igoe

A New Jersey native, Igoe has worked for shows such as “Family Guy,” “The Cleveland Show,” and was a writer on  CBS’ “Mike & Molly.” No stranger to the world of affordable travel, he developed “Rich Travel / Poor Travel,” a show where he traveled first class with frequent flyer miles, then explored the destination city on a micro-budget. 

More Information About Million Stories Streaming

In addition to “George Goes Everywhere,” the free streaming platform Million Stories offers a diverse slate of series centering around financial literacy, including “Adulting with Richard Sherman,”  where the San Francisco 49er’s captain coaches young people through ‘adult’ financial decisions. From paying off student loans, creating a budget, or starting an emergency fund, Sherman breaks down his tips and strategies for financial success. “Faceplant” shares the personal stories from people who discover the value of failure in pursuit of their dreams. A variety of people are profiled including YouTube personality GloZell, Academy Award Winner Peter Ramsey (Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse) and two-time Olympic gymnast Danell Leyva. 

The Singleton Foundation, which powers Million Stories, is a non-profit organization that has launched the digital media platform dedicated to educating & encouraging Millennials and Gen Z with regard to financial literacy and entrepreneurship through bingeable short-form video content. Million Stories harnesses the power of entertainment and storytelling to make money matters easy, inspiring, and manageable.  The channel aims to provide millennials the financial skills and entrepreneurial mindset to face finance challenges through free extensive, easy-to-use learning resources.

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