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HALO Laser Review: Face Treatment That Releases Your Glow

Two kids later and quickly approaching my mid-thirties has me a little more self-conscious about my appearance. I love what I do and I always want to put my best face forward, especially with the amount of time I spend in front of the camera. Dr. Jim Namnoum, of the Atlanta area’s AYA Med Spa, recommends “refreshing & renewing” your skin care routine with the change of the seasons. I took his advice and tried the HALO™ Laser Face Treatment to help find my inner glow.

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Complete Halo Laser Review – Face Treatment

HALO has revolutionized skin resurfacing and modernized how lasers work today. It’s the world’s first Hybrid Fractional Laser, which delivers non-ablative and ablative wavelengths together. It offers the best results with minimal downtime and many patients see results after just one treatment.

Here’s what the HALO Laser Face Treatment can help treat:

  • Wrinkles
  • Discoloration
  • Scaring
  • Skin Tone
  • Improves appearance of enlarged pores

With minimal discomfort and downtime, the HALO treatment is quickly growing in popularity. As soon as I mentioned to my group of mom friends that I was getting the treatment, everyone wanted to know what it was like. The fast healing process and quick results make it a rather attractive option for patients that are leading a busy lifestyle. 

I was very curious to see if the treatment lived up to the hype. I’ve been very proud of my skincare routine (including my efforts to erase some tanning bed years) and I knew it was time to revitalize and renew. What sold me about trying HALO was the fantastic “Before & After” patient results, the quick recovery and the fact it works beyond the surface of your skin.


How Much Does Sciton® HALO Treatment Cost?

HALO single treatment (at AYA Med Spa): $1650*

HALO Neck Treatment (at AYA Med Spa): $800*

*Prices subject to vary by location and change

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My HALO Laser Face Treatment Experience

What Happens Before The Actual HALO Treatment 

Upon checking into AYA Med Spa, they Aesthetician did a great job explaining everything that was going to happen. I even spoke with a Nurse Practitioner who double checked my medical history before the procedure. That gave me some extra reassurance about the healing process. 

I knew that the HALO Laser Face Treatment isn’t completely pain-free. The first thing that they do is apply a numbing gel that sits on your face beforehand. It’s job is to ease discomfort during the procedure. You’ll look like a glazed doughnut during this time, but you just relax while it does it’s job.

Halo laser, Sciton Halo laser treatment, Halo laser treatment

What happens During The HALO Face Treatment

I don’t have any tattoos, but I imagine it’s a similar sensation. The HALO laser feels like a little rubber band snapping back at your skin. On a pain scale of 1 – 10, while getting the procedure done, it’s about a 4. My Aesthetician did a fantastic job checking in on my discomfort level. 

They map out your skin areas to determine the intensity and area that needs treatment and then they apply the HALO laser. My neck and face was treated. They are very thorough to get every part of the areas that are being treated – even the tip of my nose!

Did you know that you can get HALO done to most areas of your body? Yep! Popular areas include your hands, neck and décolletage area. 

Recovery After HALO Laser Face Treatment

My Husband drove me to the procedure and I was so thankful. While you can drive afterwards (or even work), there’s about 30 minutes – 1 hour of heightened discomfort afterwards. My pain level definitely rose to a 6 for about an hour afterwards.

It feels like your skin is hot and you’ll feel discomfort on the areas treated. Then, just like my Aesthetician explained, it completely dissipated. After an hour, I was pain-free, but my treated areas were red (similar to a sun burn).

Where the ablative laser goes through the top layer of your skin, you’ll get a little dot on each spot. These dots are almost like tiny little scars that are healing. After my treatment, I just let my skin recover without any skin care topical treatments. You can go back to wearing makeup after about 36 – 48 hours, but it was great to not worry about it for a bit. They’re definitely noticeable dots along your skin and your skin will feel tighter, but a bit dry.

On day 4 after the HALO, I woke up feeling that “glow” for the first time.

Post Halo Laser Treatment, Halo Laser Treatment Recovery, Recovery Time From Halo Laser Treatment

HALO Laser Face Treatment Results

My Husband immediately noticed the HALO results. I woke up with my skin looking refreshed and brighter. The best part of the HALO laser face treatment is that the results get even better with time. The procedure keeps working long after you’ve had it, so it keeps delivering results. 

I notice that my skin looks more even without spots of discoloration that I had from acne scarring and time in the sun. I use my tinted moisturizer, but I don’t feel like it’s absolutely necessary. I have the confidence to go without makeup if I want to. My skin also feels slightly tighter and lifted.

You can really see that it’s reversed some of my skin damage. There’s something about approaching your mid-thirties where any previous sun damage starts to show up on the surface. I was truly unhappy that my bad habits were catching up with me. HALO bought me a bit more time around the fountain of youth.

I’m really impressed with the quick turnaround time to achieve results from HALO. It’s the perfect treatment to renew your skin before an event – like a vacation, class reunion or wedding. After 1 1/2 weeks post procedure, I’m receiving so many compliments on my skin. Would I do HALO again? Hands down, 100% YES!

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Before & After HALO laser treatment: you can really see improved discoloration and texture.

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