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Animal Kingdom Keto Guide for Walt Disney World Dining

Low Carb Animal Kingdom Keto Guide

Adventuring into the realm of Disney’s Animal Kingdom? There are some definite do’s and don’ts here in this Animal Kingdom keto guide.  You would be surprised how many places you can stop for a bite in this park, but considering the walking it’s not a bad idea.  each place is very unique, but not necessarily good for keto.  Here are some tips for what to eat throughout the park.

Animal Kingdom Keto, Animal Kingdom Keto Guide, Animal Kingdom Keto Options, Animal Kingdom Keto Food

Animal Kingdom Keto Guide for Walt Disney World Dining

Common Snacks

There is no common snack in Animal Kingdom, like a turkey leg, or hotdog.  Unlike the other Disney World parks the many kiosks, carts and counters that popular Disney’s Animal Kingdom have a variety of unique offerings.  Even churros, which were temporarily removed from the park in 2016, are only found in one place.  Turkey legs are still nowhere to be found.  Out of many, many snacking options.  Animal Kingdom keto should be easy.  The park is known for its many diet friendly options in it’s restaurants.  It’s one of the best places in Disney World that you can go for special diets.  However, snacks are not among those options.  Many of them are sweets or carb heavy.

Toppings Bar

Magic Kingdom is famous for two counter service restaurants that contain toppings bars.  Now, Animal Kingdom keto dieting is easier because it has such a bar in Restaurantosaurus.  Love it or hate it, this makes Dinoland USA one of the best places you can go to stay keto during your Disney World Vacation.  The toppings bar is an opportunity to bulk up your plate with keto friendly items for your bun-less burger.  You can also get a grilled chicken salad with the dressing on the side.  just don’t eat the berries, but it’s got nuts and feta cheese… Amazing.

Animal Kingdom Keto, Animal Kingdom Keto Guide, Animal Kingdom Keto Options, Animal Kingdom Keto Food

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Quick Service

Discovery Island

On Discovery Item, you will find Creature Comforts, the Animal Kingdom Starbucks.  This is the best Starbucks I’ve been to.  It’s large and well organized.  You can get your favorite customized Starbucks Drink here, but the food is not very keto.  On the other side of the island, between Asia and Dinoland USA, is Flame Tree Barbecue, a fan favorite.  You can get half a slow smoked chicken with baked beans and coleslaw.  You could also get the salad which has grilled chicken, pecans and cheddar cheese, but you will need to remove the apples.

Dinoland USA

Home of Restaurantosaurus!  Dinoland USA is a great place to go for a filling quick service meal without much fuss to make it keto friendly.  Aside from the Toppings bar that the restaurant now has, there is also a lounge.  If a quick protein heavy bite is all you really want, then you can head on over to Dino Diner in the back of Dinoland.  This camper serves up a broiled Italian sausage.  You will need to ask for it without the hoagie roll and the side of potato chips, but the sausage also comes with peppers and sautéed onions.  Eat it with a knife and fork!


The Asia section of Animal Kingdom is huge.  Much larger than most people realize.  It stretches from Mount Everest to Flights of Wonder, just beyond the Tree of life and it goes back very deep for animal viewing treks and a whitewater rapid ride.  Along the banks that line the edge of Asia there are 8 different eating locations dotting the path.  Many of these are for drinks and sweet or bread snacks, but you can grab a bite at Yak & Yeti Local Foods Cafes, which is the quick service location for Yak and Yeti.  Here you can have an American Kobe Burger or American Kobe Hot Dog without the bun.  The hot dog comes with the option of adding Kimche, or Banh Mi.  Currently this is the only place to go for quick service in Asia if you are staying keto.  However, the location is very convenient.


In the Africa section of the park there is a sort of Main Street along which most of the eateries are located.  These include sweets, refreshments and baked goods.  Apart from them is a separate, open air plaza with four distinct windows offering Africa inspired food.  This section of Africa is called the Harambe Market and it’s the best place to go for keto friendly choices.  You can get a Chicken Skewer, Lamb, or Beef Gyro, or a Pork Sausage.  The main look-outs here are the papaya slaw and the Naan.  Tzatziki is fairly low in carbs, but if you’d rather not add them to your daily value, then you can ask for the gyro without it.

Animal Kingdom Keto, Animal Kingdom Keto Guide, Animal Kingdom Keto Options, Animal Kingdom Keto Food


Pandora has the distinction of having the fewest eating locations of any section in the park, not counting the Oasis at the parks entrance that technically also has two.  In Pandora you can dine at Satu’li Canteen.  You have the ability to build your own bowl with your choice of protein.  They are very transparent about ingredients and you can also speak to a cast member before ordering.  When you choose your base, you will want to get the hearty salad and sub extra salad for the quinoa.  Also the broccoli and cauliflower have added sugar among the spices.  Pongu Pongu, which is basically a bar, is no good for keto.

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Best Table Service for Animal Kingdom Keto Options

In Animal Kingdom there are six table service restaurants.  Of these there are two clear winners: Tusker House and Nomad Lounge.  Nomad Lounge is actually connected to Tiffins.  It does not have a full menu, but it does half an incredible artisanal cheese plate and a charcuterie board.   Tusker House is the biggest winner for keto travelers because it is the buffet option in the park.  As a buffet, it provides you the opportunity to pick your dishes and eat as much of them as you want.  This is a character restaurant, however.  Which means characters like Donald and Goofy are likely to stop by your table to say hi.

Animal Kingdom Keto, Animal Kingdom Keto Guide, Animal Kingdom Keto Options, Animal Kingdom Keto Food

Worst Table Service for Animal Kingdom Keto Options

With the usual disclaimer that all Disney restaurants will work with you to make sure you have as enjoyable a meal as possible, there are restaurants that are less good for keto.  Tiffins, while an excellent restaurant, includes potatoes of some kind with nearly every dish.  Yak & Yeti, the Nepalese restaurant in Asia features rice with nearly everything and has a lot of noodles.  You could order a salad without Wonton Crisps, but you can’t really have a complete meal without substantially altering your course.  The two worst are probably the two worst restaurants in general anyway. Those are Rainforest Cafe and Pizzafari.  Both if these are carb central.

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