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Walt Disney World Guide To Maintaining Keto in Epcot

Low Carb Epcot Keto Guide

Staying keto in Epcot does not have to be a burden, or a challenge.  There are plenty of great options, especially if you dine at a table service restaurant.  As with all dietary restrictions, remember to note your diet along with your reservation and mention it again when you arrive, to make sure you are not offered something you can’t have. 

Disney is very good about working with all kinds of diets and they can offer substitutions when possible, or warn you to stay away from innocuous items.

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Walt Disney World Guide To Maintaining Keto in Epcot

Most Common Keto Snacks

The thing you will spot the most of as you journey throughout Epcot is Hotdogs.  You will of course need to remove the bun, but it is the easiest and most frequently available food.  Many meals throughout the park feature meats, but rarely are they not accompanied by grains, starches or fruits.  Of course there are rubs and marinades to consider, too.

Future World Quick Service

There is very little quick service in Future World let alone great keto options.  For staying keto in Epcot you will either head right toward the Land Pavilion or down the center toward either Fountain View (Starbucks) or Electric Umbrella.

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Sunshine Seasons

If you get quick service anywhere in Future World, let it be here.  There aren’t a lot of other options anyway, but in spite of the lack of competition, this remains a great place for diners with all sorts of diets.  The food court set up features a lot of grab and go options as well as a grill.  You can get Oak-grilled Rotisserie Chicken without rice.


Get your favorite keto friendly drink order here whether it’s a no classic Iced Coffee with Heavy Cream, or a 2/3 full Tea Bag Chai with steamed Heavy Cream and 2 Stevia.  Starbucks may not have the most keto friendly food in the world, but their highly customizable drinks make it easy for the coffee loving keto dieter to stay on track doing keto in Epcot.  For a snack, your best bet is a breakfast sandwich without the bun, or a Protein Bistro Box without the fruit or bread.

Electric Umbrella

At Electric Umbrella get an Angus Cheeseburger or an Angus Bacon Cheeseburger and skip the bun.  Ask for no fries and you will save money, too.  Unfortunately, every other option is too carb heavy, or sugary for ketosis.  On the other hand, with all that Epcot has to offer in the realm of cuisine, this isn’t such a bad thing.  I recommend skipping this location in favor of something better.

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World Showcase Keto Options – Quick Service 

Cantina De San Angel

So, there are a lot of tortillas to get around at this place, but a satisfying lunch at the Mexico Pavilion counter service restaurant is doable.  I recommend the Mexican Ensalada with chicken or barbacoa, without corn.  Ask for lots of guacamole.  This is the best way to enjoy the flavors of San Angel without fried tortillas, instead of just having meat dumped onto a plate with refried black beans.

Refreshment Outpost

After Mexico, there is a Norway and a China Pavilion.  Both are really tough on keto.  Norway is mainly baked goods and China uses sauces on all of their meats.  Even if you had the Mexican Encalada with your choice of protein, by the time you find yourself nearing Germany you may already be desperate for your next snack. 

Keto in Epcot, Ketosis Diet Disney World, Low Carb Dining at Disney World, Low Carb Dining in Epcot

I recommend trying to get into Germany, but if you can’t, you will pass buy a small counter service window in the African Outpost, a small stretch of shops, selling carvings and other African goods.  The Refreshment Outpost sells Hot Dogs and beverages.  That’s it, but it is an option.


This little nook in the back of the Germany Pavilion is a terrific stop if you are not going to Biergarten and need to stay keto in Epcot.  This is the window to pick up a Bratwurst, or Frankfurter with sauerkraut and muster.  Say no to the bun and the house made paprika chips of course.  This is also an excellent quick stop for anybody with you who is not keto as there are some starchy and sweet menu options as well.

Le Halles

This Boulangerie and Patisserie is largely to be avoided on keto in Epcot.  For one thing the temptation factor is going to be huge.  If you must be here, there are a couple of things you can have such as Bleu (Romaine, Imported Bleu Cheese, no Croutons) and Poulet au Pistou (Chicken Breast with Cheese, Tomato, Red Onion, Pesto, no bread).

Refreshment Port

The last stop in the World Showcase before heading back to Spaceship Earth is this counter service place known for soft serve and poutine.  If you are in for the International Food and Wine Festival, you can get the Beef Brisket Poutine without the fries, and gravy on the side.  Depending on how many carbs you have allowed for this, it can be a good treat or something to skip.

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Best Epcot Keto Table Service Restaurants

In Future World there are two very good table service options to try.  Coral Reef in the Seas Pavilion is the best.  They are great with substitutions and have a variety of proteins to choose from.  In World Showcase you can really shine.  There are two buffet options which are perfect for keto diets.  Akershus in Norway is the first and it’s a character meal, which means princesses will be coming by your table. 

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The other buffet is Biergarten in Germany. this is not a character meal, but it does feature live entertainment.  Your choice of what goes on your plate and how much makes it one of the best places in Epcot for a keto friendly meal.  The number one restaurant for keto in Epcot is Spice Road Table.  The selection is better than anywhere else.

Worst Epcot Keto Table Service Restaurants

With all of the amazing places to eat around World Showcase, there are some misses when it comes to keto.  Nine Dragons in China is not a good choice primarily because of the sauces everything comes with.  Rose & Crown is another disappointment for keto, even more so, because it is such a fun and lively place.  Via Napoli Ristorante e Pizzeria is another Epcot table service restaurant you are better off skipping if you are keto.

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