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Walt Disney World Guide to Keto in Magic Kingdom

Low Carb Magic Kingdom Keto Guide

It doesn’t have to be challenging to maintain ketosis while on a Disney World Vacation.  Walt Disney World is one of the best places for guests with dietary restrictions, because they work hard to provide a quality experience for everybody.  Stay keto in Magic Kingdom during your Disney World vacation with this indispensable guide.  I’ll walk you through the snacks, quick service meal options and the best and worst Table Service locations in Magic Kingdom for guests following the ketogenic diet.

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Walt Disney World Guide to Keto in Magic Kingdom

Most Common Keto Snacks

Number one for staying keto in Magic Kingdom is knowing the snacks.  This is just because it is sometimes easier to grab a quick bite when hungry, then look around for restaurant seating, or wait for a long line.  Some convenient snacks you may find around the park are Turkey legs, Salted Nuts, and Pickles.  You certainly don’t need to bring your own snacks, but as with any restrictive diet, it helps.  You will also find burgers and all beef hot dogs throughout the park that you can enjoy without the bun.

Toppings Bars

There are two locations that feature toppings bars.  These really help do the trick when going keto in Magic Kingdom.  On the far west side of the park Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn and Cafe offers up tasty Tex Mex that gives you an opportunity to embellish your dish as much as you like with provided toppings.  In Tomorrowland on the other side of the park, Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Cafe offers a similar toppings bar, but the fare is more along the lines of burgers and chicken.  At Pecos Bill, just order a chicken salad without the tortilla chips, corn and other stuff, then add everything you like from the toppings bar.  At Cosmic Ray’s try the Pork Belly Burger off the secret menu without the fried pickles, French fries, or the brioche bun.

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Magic Kingdom Quick Service

As you plan your Disney vacation, be sure to look at the menus for places you plan to go to in advance and in the case of making reservations, note any dietary restrictions you have and remind them again when you arrive for your table.  This way you can get the most help regarding your dietary needs.  In most cases, you will be able to stop at any quick service location in the park without a reservation and order something keto friendly.  Here are some of the best options:

  • Main Street USA: First, let’s talk about Main Street Bakery, AKA Starbucks.  You can get your coffee with heavy cream or other favorite keto friendly alternative here.  If you are not into artificial sweeteners, check the condiment stand for stevia.Casey’s Corner is the go-to place for an All-Beef Hotdog.  Get it with mustard and ditch the bun for a keto friendly adaptation.  It’s the go-to grab for keto in Magic Kingdom.
  • Adventureland: Adventureland is the place to go for sugary treats.  Not good for ketosis.  However, there is a little place in Caribbean Plaza called Tortuga Tavern.  You can score yourself a Turkey Leg here, or an All-Beef Hotdog if you missed Casey’s.
  • Frontierland: Frontierland is an interesting place, because the lines are not clearly drawn.  Technically there is only one dining location in Frontierland.  Luckily, it’s a really good one with lots of indoor seating with detailed ambience and a lot of control for the diner.  Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn and Cafe has good portion sizes and good tasting food.  If you want to skip the Turkey Leg in Tortuga, this is the place to have your keto lunch, or dinner.
  • Liberty Square: In Liberty Square There is a market which mostly sells fruit.  You can get a hot dog there as well as snack cheese.  Sleepy Hollow is a coffee place known best for waffles.  You obviously don’t want those, but in a pinch, you can get the breakfast waffle sandwich and just eat the eggs, ham, and tomato.
  • Fantasy Land: Pinocchio Village Haus is the first thing you see as you pass the Carousel when entering Fantasyland.  If you eat here get the Antipasto Salad.  Almost everything else is a flatbread.  The Friar’s Nook around the right hand corner has Hotdogs.  Unfortunately, the food in fantasyland is almost all carb heavy, sugary, or both.
  • Tomorrowland: Tomorrowland is the home of Cosmic Ray’s where you can enjoy a burger, toss the bun and pile on low carb, no sugar toppings.  There is an Angus Burger with Cheese and Bacon, as well as a secret Pork Belly Burger.  If you order off the secret menu, remember to ask for no pickle fries.

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Best Keto Table Service Restaurants

Want to know the best places to make your reservation for?  If you are staying keto, some restaurants are much better than others at meeting those needs.  The top restaurant for keto in Magic Kingdom is Crystal Palace.  This is not your typical restaurant.  It is a buffet, which is why it works so great for ketogenic diets, but it’s also character dining, which means it’s pricey and there will be characters coming to your table.  Cinderella’s Royal Table is also Character Dining and it is also very good for keto.  It’s not a buffet, however.  The menu is medium sized with a decent range and great options for the keto diner.  

Adventureland may not have been nice to us when it came to snacks, but The Jungle Navigation Co Ltd Skipper Canteen is an excellent restaurant with a range of crowd pleasing options that also caters very well to the keto diet (and allergy related diets as well) and it is not a character dining location.

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Worst Keto Table Service Restaurants

Unfortunately, there are some restaurants in Magic Kingdom that are not great for keto dieters.  This doesn’t mean you can’t eat there, just that they are among the lesser options as far as what you actually can eat there.  Be Our Guest isn’t bad.  It’s just okay.  A lot of people have their hearts set on dining in the Beast’s castle and you will be able to eat there if it comes to that, but I recommend Skipper Canteen instead.  The two worst places for keto in Magic Kingdom are Liberty Tree Tavern and Diamond Horseshoe. Both are in Liberty Square and feature family style meals.  You can’t have the ultra sweet dessert, or the bread, or Mac and Cheese… It’s not that they won’t accommodate the best they can, but these options are on the bottom of the list.

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