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Starting Preschool: 8 Things Millennial Parents Need To Know

My oldest son was born in 2013. When I was growing up, my Mom stayed at home with me until I went to Kindergarten. Since I value staying at home, I thought I was giving my child a gift when I decided to keep him with me until 4-years-old. Little did I know, I was doing him a disservice. If you’re a Millennial parent like me, here are 8 things you need to know when your child is starting preschool.

Here come some BIG truth bombs…

Tips for when your child is starting preschool. It has changed since the 1980's and here is everything you need to know as a parent. #Parenting #School #Preschool #ParentingAdvice #Kids #SchoolTips #BackToSchool


Starting Preschool: 8 Things Millennial Parents Needs To Know

It’s Changed Since Our Parents Sent Us To Preschool

As an adult, I’ve always appreciated my Mom spending the most time she could with me. She kept me home as long as possible and Kindergarten was only a half day. Today, Kindergarten is a full day from 7am – 3pm. In our school district, the youngest kids get on the bus first. That translates into pre-k being all about Kindergarten prep.

Now I understand that Kindergarteners must know how to write their full name when the school year starts. They must know 100 sight words by the first 100 days of school. Look at your county’s website and see what information is required of rising Kindergarteners – I was shocked.

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Your Child Will Be Behind If You Keep Them Home

Don’t make the same mistake I’ve made. Kids are sent to school as soon as they can walk now. They are raised in these preschools. Kids learn to socialize, take orders from teachers, listen and develop fine motor skills. I sent my son to school and my first parent-teacher meeting was scheduled by the school after six hours of class time.

My child doesn’t have the strength to hold a pencil, gets frustrated easily and needs to work on socializing with other kids. It will take them longer to acclimate to the classroom setting.

Do Your Research

It’s OK to ask a preschool what educational requirements their teachers must meet. Don’t be shy and ask as many questions as possible before school starting. I made the mistake of being the shy new parent. While they are only 4-years-old, this is the foundation of their learning.

Starting preschool, preschool tips, researching preschool, preschool advice, ADHD children

Teachers Want Everything Simple

From the type of gear you purchase to what you get them dressed in, teachers want it easy. After purchasing our $50 backpack from Pottery Barn, we were told our child should use a tote bag. Kids use a tote because it is easiest for them carry and they can slide paperwork in without the hassle of a zipper.

Those cute overalls you cherish seeing them in? School doesn’t allow the time to bother with such things. Preschool kids can wear elastic waist pants or leggings. Teachers will not assist in the bathroom (for obvious reasons).

You’ll Become The Only Advocate For Your Child’s Education

I was stunned at how early the teachers wanted to meet with me. Yes, my child was behind on technical school work, but I quickly became an advocate for my child. You are their voice. Know your rights as a parent. Ask how to prepare for a meeting and bring your spouse or any other set of ears. From Kindergarten to high school graduation, you are your child’s educational advocate.

Teachers And Administrative Staff Cannot Diagnose

My son is a very active boy. He loves running, playing with other kids, making noise and everything that comes along with a normal happy childhood. I know it’s normal because my Pediatrician told me so. They also reminded me that it takes kids time to adjust to school.

Staff administration and teachers cannot diagnose your child or tell you they need to be medicated for any reason. If you agree to educational testing for your child, the test results are forwarded to your doctor. They decide if it has any standing and they decide if your child needs medication.

Diet Does Make A Difference

Send your child to school with a low sugar breakfast that will keep them full until lunch. In our experience, behavior issues can be caused by hunger. I start our mornings with whole wheat toast and fruit or waffles that are topped with sugar-free syrup. It’s making a difference.

Starting preschool, preschool tips, researching preschool, preschool advice, ADHD children

Take Learning Beyond The Classroom

The best thing I’m doing for my child is making our home a learning environment too. I reinforce school rules at home, like “keeping your hands to yourself” and “be kind to others.” I’ve invested in flashcards, workbooks, crayons, scissors and anything that I think will help us be proactive about learning at home.

If your child is behind when starting preschool, use the time at home to work ahead – that’s when most other kids are taking a break. I’m working 20-30 minutes daily and we aren’t taking the summer off. My goal is to make learning fun at home – it’s educational playtime.

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Ice Cream n Sticky Fingers

Wednesday 26th of September 2018

Kindergarten has changed so much over the years. My youngest started kindergarten 2 years ago and he did well. When he was at home, we did some activities daily and he had ABC mouse for a bit. He loved it. He also learned a ton from watching Super Y. The only rough part that he had to deal with was super early mornings. Our school starts at 7:40 which is early for most kids.

How to Help your Kids Tackle Back-to-School Anxiety | Savvy Mama Lifestyle

Wednesday 26th of September 2018

[…] Starting preschool was a tough experience for my son and we’re just now recovering from the anxiety caused from the rough start. If your little one has started showing any of these signs, or you expect they will, here are some actionable steps. […]


Monday 17th of September 2018

I was a stay at home mom until my oldest started PreK in 2013, when I started working part-time for our family's benefits. We had not done any MMO programs but I was a big believer of "instruction and discipline from someone other than me" which came in many forms, sunday school, MOPS childcare, swim lessons or gymnastics to name a few. Many kids had been in preschool for a few years "so mom could have a break" which never made sense to me since I was choosing to be home with my kids. Abigail started Kindergarten knowing to write her name, had letters, shapes and colors memorized and even knew a few sight words, there were kids in her class who had never held a pencil before and a couple who didn't even speak a word of English. My eyes were opened; my sweet private preschool bubble popped. My oldest is now thriving in Fourth Grade but I had to, and continue to, hold her to the standards I expected, not the average of her classroom.

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