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30 Day Declutter Challenge + FREE Printable To Stay Organized

Coming right off of the holiday season, means your life is bound to have a little more clutter than usual. While I feel resolutions tend to be false promises we make to ourselves, I’m all about setting some goals! January is a great time to get organized and feel less stressed. All of the clutter only adds to our anxiety. This 30 Day Declutter Challenge is your New Years answer to getting the house in order. I have a FREE printable that you can use to follow along & track your progress too.

Need organization ideas for your home? This 30 Day Declutter Challenge will help you focus on small daily tasks to get the job done. Plus, check out some AMAZING organization hacks! #OrganizationHacks #OrganizationIdeasForYourHome #NewYears #NewYearsChallenge #30DayChallenge #CleaningTips #ToyOrganization

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Get Your Free 30 Day Declutter Challenge Printable

To hold yourself accountable, print this daily declutter challenge calendar. Each day has a different small task that you do around the house. The idea is that you’re less overwhelmed because you’re only biting off a little at a time. Keep it somewhere that you look at daily – like in your planner or on the refrigerator. Cross off each day as you complete the item.

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Need even more accountability? Ask a friend to participate too! Just share this webpage via social media or email the link. It’s always great to have a friend to keep each other accountable. 

To print your challenge, click on the link below. Download it to your desktop, save it for whenever (you can complete it any time of the year) and print!

Click Here To Print Your Declutter Challenge Calendar

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5 Home Organizing Hacks To Help Out

Need even more inspiration to get started? Check out some of these home organization hacks I’ve gathered from my favorite fellow bloggers! From your garage to the playroom, these tips can help you go from decluttering to completely organized. 

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