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The Best Marie Kondo Organization Tips So You’re Less Overwhelmed

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Everyone is talking about Marie Kondo and her new Netflix show Tidying Up. With wishes for spring to come and new years resolutions in full swing they couldn’t have picked a better time to release this series for the world. Here are a few Marie Kondo Organization Tip that anyone can use to make their home a joyful and relaxed place.

So many moms, like myself, feel overwhelmed by clutter. This show has inspired people to start getting rid of the clutter and finding the freedom that comes from an organized home. I’m a happier mom and better wife when I’m organized and free from messes.

Give these tidying up lessons a try and watch your life and home change forever.

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The Best Marie Kondo Organization Tips To Adopt

For me, the show really resonates with as a busy mom. Our family is guilty of having too much clutter. It really started when we had kids. Owning more stuff and having kids just goes together. I was really shocked to find out that Marie Kondo is a mom of two! She does a great job and has kids in her home – unreal. 

Every holiday season brings more toys. I can’t seem to let the baby gear go because it means I’m officially done having kids. So many of these things stop me from letting go and becoming more organized. I love the idea that she connects emotions to physical items. I hadn’t thought of that until watching Tidying Up. 

So here are her best tips that I’m starting to apply. Go through these and focus on one each week so you’re not overwhelmed. I know together we can clear the clutter. It’s better for our metal health and happiness.

Emotionally Let Go Of Clutter

Let clutter go emotionally. While many laughs at Marie Kondo’s insistence on connecting with your home and the process of thinking items for serving you before you get rid of them, There is good reasoning behind the method.

The reason behind thanking items in your home is to help clear out emotional attachments to the things you are getting rid of and to create an attachment to the changes you wish to make. This may seem silly to talk to your home but in truth, it is yourself you are talking to and it can change your life when it comes to letting go of things you have been holding on to.

I like to think if it’s an item that’s connected to someone I lost or a memory from a time in my life. That helps me decide if it’s something that needs to be kept or trivial.

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Use Your Clothes

I am so guilty of not using half of the clothes in my closet. I’m still holding onto size 2 jeans from before my kids were born. Do you know why? I have an emotional connection to them (like above) from a time that made me happy. I know it’s hard, but you need to realize which clothes you actually wear!

Use the clothes you own. So many of us hold on to clothes we don’t even use which leads to a mess when we have no place to store it. Marie Kondo teaches you to keep only what you love and actually like to use.

Plus, she shares how to fold and organize your clothes allowing you to see them all and pull them out without making a mess. A well organized wardrobe makes getting dressed for your and your kids easier. That can make such a difference on your school mornings.


Don’t Collect Books & Paper

Don’t let books and papers take over your home. It is so easy to buy books and never get rid of them.  Mail papers come in and find themselves in piles – GUILTY. Particularly, if you have children in the house, you hang onto their school work.

I remember moving from our first home and my husband’s mom kept every single piece of art he created as a child. While it was an act of love, it was something we had to tackle as a young moving couple. He had an emotional connection to it, but we couldn’t bring along boxes of grade school artwork. 

Instead of hoarding these items, sort through them and keep only the only that bring joy and make you feel good to have in your home. For children’s art work choose a few special ones. If you can’t bare to part with the work of art take a photo so you can store that taking up less space.

I love the idea of making a way to display your child’s artwork in your home. Pinterest has some great ideas for displaying kid’s artwork. Here are a few of my picks:

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Organize The Miscellaneous 

Organize the odds and ends. From the inside of drawers to the shelves in your garage odds and ends can take up a lot of space and make your home feel cluttered. Take the time to declutter and organize odds and ends so they no longer take over your space. Organized drawers and shelves reduce stress and help you find things quickly and easily.

Teach Your Family

Of course, you can’t be the only one to adopt these Marie Kondo organization tips. If you want to keep your home organized, you need to implement these ideas with your family. Teach your kids some of the basics and let your spouse participate in your organizing. Doing things together as a family will help prevent the clutter from coming back into your home. 

It’s been a great way for us to connect as a couple. I’ve learned that my Husband loves to organize and think of creative ways to clear the clutter. I’m the one who hangs onto everything. Adopting her tips have been an eye-opener for us.

Wondering if the show is right for you? Check out the trailer from Netflix!

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