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25 St. Patricks Day Cocktails That Might Make You Feel Lucky

It’s time to feel lucky for St. Patrick’s Day! For me, it’s the holiday where we can all feel a little Irish and the drinks are plentiful. You don’t have to go to your local Irish bar for a great cocktail. These 25 St. Patricks Day Cocktails are recipes are sure to have you feeling lucky! I’ve got some green drinks, shots and even Irish coffee drinks. Hopefully they make your St. Patricks Day party a little more fun.

Serve up some fun with these St. Patricks Day Cocktails! They're great green cocktails or Irish cocktails that your guests will love. #StPatricksDay #GreenCocktails #CocktailRecipes #GreenMartiniRecipe #Shots #IrishRecipes #StPatricksDayRecipes

Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day and need even more ideas? I’ve got some great ones that are sure to send a little luck your way:

25 St. Patricks Day Cocktails That Might Make You Feel Lucky

When you’re planning a party, pick some recipes that you can prepare ahead of time. You want to be able to enjoy the festivities and socialize too. If you’ve got a bigger party, punches and shot recipes do best. If you’ve got a more intimate gathering, go for the specialized single serve cocktail recipes.

Tips For Preparing A Home Bar For Your St. Patty’s Day Celebration

If you’re planning to be at home, instead of the local Irish pub, prep your bar for most of the drinks ahead of time. Keep a variety of glasses on hand – beer mugs to shot glasses – and even have some green food dye. I like to pick 2-3 cocktails that use the same base alcohol and then you don’t have to purchase too much. Two vodka drinks, just different ways, makes it easier on you – the host!

I also keep some snack mixes on hand to munch on with cocktails. An easy Chex Snack Mix or Spiced Mixed Nuts will be delicious as you sip on cocktails.

25 St. Patricks Day Cocktails That Might Make You Feel Lucky

Treat your guests to these boozy St. Patricks Day Cocktails that everyone will love - some are even a great shade of green!

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