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Free Printable Hanukkah Dreidel For Coloring

One of my favorite Hanukkah traditions is to play the dreidel game. It’s one that’s been passed down for many generations and still brings a smile to kid’s faces today. Celebrate history and have fun with family by downloading your own printable Hanukkah dreidel that the kids can color. It’s a great addition to your family gathering and will keep the kids entertained while they learn about their heritage. Just scroll down below to print your own dreidel!

Download and print your FREE Hanukkah dreidel for kids to color, learn and play with.

Printables are always an easy way to add to add an extra touch of fun to any celebration. When I’m in the kitchen, preparing our celebratory meal, I like knowing the kids can stay entertained without screen time. Why not stick with the Hanukkah theme too?

Looking for other printables to use during Hanukkah? I’ve got you covered:

Download & Print Your Hanukkah Dreidel For Kids

Another cute idea to use these dreidels, is to place the cut out on top of a place setting for kids. It’s great if you have a designated table just for the kids. They can fold it together and have something to do while sitting in one place. Get creative and celebrate the miracle of Hanukkah!

Free printable Hanukkah dreidel for kids

How To Print Your Dreidel Game

Just download from the link below, print on heavy card stock paper and cut along the outer edges. You can bookmark the URL of this page to use year after year OR you can save the download to your desktop.

Follow the dotted lines to properly fold your dreidel. If the kids want to color their dreidel first, do so while it’s flat – before folding!

There are two sides to this printable Hanukkah dreidel. Depending on how you fold it – you can have it be gold or blue on the outside.


Dreidel design for kids to print



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