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Free Printable Fall Scavenger Hunt – Autumn Activity For Kids

Excitement always fills the air, for our family, when the seasons begin to change. Autumn is always one of our favorites because we have so much to look forward to. The kids have come to recognize different signs of the season. I’ve got 4 different FREE printable fall scavenger hunt – for all ages. Plus, I’ve got some other fun ideas that you can add to your scavenger hunt activity.

This Post Includes 4 Different Printables:

  • Pre-school Fall Scavenger Hunt
  • Neighborhood Fall Scavenger Hunt
  • Pumpkin Patch Scavenger Hunt
  • Sensory Fall Scavenger Hunt

Scroll To The Bottom To Print Your Copy

Print your FREE fall scavenger hunts for kids - with 4 different versions - perfect for ALL ages!

We love getting a big group of kids together and letting them do the scavenger hunt as a team. I think it’s great for social skills, especially for the younger kids. If you’re visiting a pumpkin patch as a family, and you’ve got different ages of kids, you can give them different scavenger hunts to do! I let my older kid do the pumpkin patch hunt and my youngest will complete the sensory hunt. They’re still having fun together while spending time as a family.

Print Your FREE Fall Scavenger Hunt For Kids (All 4 Versions)

What I love about these printable fall scavenger hunt games is that there’s one for all ages. There’s one designed specially for pre-schoolers and the sensory scavenger hunt works for them too. The pumpkin patch and neighborhood scavenger hunt is great for grade school kids and middle schoolers.

Looking for some more fun to add to your scavenger hunt? Here’s some ideas:

How To Print Your Fall Scavenger Hunt

To print your scavenger hunts, just click on the PDF link below. Bookmark this URL to save for later and print every year (or share with friends). Once downloaded you can print in color. I like to use a heavier paper so it’s sturdy. I feel like that makes it easier for the kids – especially if you’re taking it on-the-go.


Here’s what the preschool fall scavenger hunt looks like:

Preschool Fall Scavenger Hunt Printable

Here’s what the sensory fall scavenger hunt looks like:

Fall sensory scavenger hunt for kids

Here’s what the neighborhood fall scavenger hunt looks like:

neighborhood fall scavenger hunt printable

Here’s what the Pumpkin Patch fall scavenger hunt looks like:

Pumpkin Patch Scavenger Hunt





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