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My Fitness Pal Before & After: 100 Days Of Weight Loss Progress

Last June, I realized I was struggling with some Postpartum Depression issues that were never professionally addressed. My weight loss wake up call came from several different instances, but I finally knew something had to be done about my excess weight. Here’s my 100 days of weight loss progress – 38 lbs total – and My Fitness Pal Before & After photos.

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My Fitness Pal Before & After: 100 Days Of Weight Loss Progress

Why I Decided To Try My Fitness Pal

I’m already on my phone, so using an app is an easy way to keep track of my diet. Keeping track of my food is essential to my progress. Diet is much more important to my body than exercise. After I knew a friend was using the app as well, I downloaded and got started. I’ve been using the free version of My Fitness Pal.

It tracks my macronutrients, my calories, what foods I’m eating, my progress and let’s me input exercise. I like that I can add the calories I’ve burned through exercise to earn more calories to eat. You can sync your Apple Watch or FitBit watch with My Fitness Pal.

The interface is user-friendly too. You can set up reminders to log your meals and you can even “friend” other users. That particular feature allows a social feed where you can compete and encourage each other’s progress.

100 days of progress using My Fitness Pal, My Fitness Pal Before & After, My Fitness Pal Before and After, My Fitness Pals Results

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My Before Weight Loss Photos

While on a trip this past Summer, I realized how uncomfortable I was with my weight. A friend that I work with captured a photo of me and I was so embarrassed by. I really had no clue I let myself go. No matter how much anyone tried to encourage me to start losing weight or tell me that they were concerned, I had to start the process by myself.

I had to turn the new leaf and find motivation within myself. Instead of taking an “All or Nothing” approach, I started with small steps. Walking on the treadmill was better than nothing. Not eating chips before my Mexican dinner was better than nothing. This attitude really helped me stay on track.

Technically, I’m a two-time overweight marathoner that’s a certified Pilates instructor. Yep – no matter what labels I’ve earned over the years, it’s shadowed by my current weight issue.

100 days of progress using My Fitness Pal, My Fitness Pal Before & After, My Fitness Pal Before and After, My Fitness Pals Results

Using My Fitness Pal With A Keto Diet

At first, my goal was to cut out processed carbs, which then turned into a “dirty keto” style diet. I track my carbs using My Fitness Pal by inputting my food for the day. As sad as it is, carbs are just not my friend. It impacts my sweet tooth, they cause me to spiral out of control and it’s a trigger food when I’m stressed.

I figured even if I couldn’t adhere to the strict under 20g of carb limit of Keto, the My Fitness Pal app would help keep my calories under control as well. So the app gave me a built-in back up net when my carbs were higher for the day.

Really, in the end, it’s always about calories in vs. calories out. I just know my body reacts better when I eat less carbs and my progress is faster.


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How My Fitness Pal Helps Me Stay on Track

The coolest part of the app is when you hit the “Complete Diary” button at the end of the day. Based upon your current weight and progress, the app calculates what you’ll weigh in 5 weeks if you stick to a similar plan like the day you just completed.

It’s motivating to see that I can really be 6lbs lighter in 5 weeks if I stay on track. That little motivation is all I need to keep logging in everyday. The estimation is correct too – I’ve been staying on track, just like My Fitness Pal’s prediction.

100 Days Of Weight Loss Progress

Through Summer travel, holidays, and days where I’m bored or sad, I’ve made it through 100 days of using the app. It’s been really eye-opening to see the nutrition of a handful of M&M’s or know that my 3 mile walk barely burned enough calories to eat that chocolate.

I can truly attest to having new approach to weight loss after using the app. After a month of logging in daily, I really saw the progress in the mirror and felt better on the inside. I became a happier person, started to shop my closet and was active with my kids again.

It’s also trained me to check calories of menu items when I’m dining out at a restaurant. I can discreetly look on my phone before ordering – knowing I’m making the healthiest decision.

Lastly, cooking at home is easy because I can enter any new food item into the app. I enter the recipe as a new food and add the macronutrient information. Then, our favorite family meals, are ready to be logged anytime I make the recipe again.

Without further ado, my own 100 Days Of Weight Loss My Fitness Pal Before & After:

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What’s Next For My Weight Loss

Even though I am active and training for 2018 Run Disney’s Wine & Dine Half Marathon Weekend, I’ve really focused on my nutrition more. Using the app has really simplified my eating. Technically, I’m now past the 100 day mark and I’m planning to keep it up.

I know there will always be slip-ups during the holiday season or my carb count will be higher than I’d like, but I’ll focus on keeping my calories in-check instead. Ideally, I’d like to eventually weigh around 145lbs which is great for my 5’7″ height.

The greater goal is to continue to focus on being happier though. I’m learning to love my body again, appreciate the two healthy sons it’s given me and I plan to shop for clothes until my Husband cuts me off (not kidding). It may of taken a year and half to start, but I’m saying goodbye to this baby weight for good.

The goal: my original postpartum body after baby #1

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My Favorite Weight Loss Resources


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