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The Kennedy Space Center: Out Of This World Family Fun

Kennedy Space Center Guide

Words cannot describe the amazing things that guests learn about at the Kennedy Space Center. The experience opens your eyes to the future possibilities of space exploration while growing a deeper appreciation for NASA’s past accomplishments. It’s a great Central Florida attraction and a must-do if you’re visiting the Cocoa Beach area or returning from a Port Canaveral cruise

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5 Must-Do Kennedy Space Center Attractions

“Behind The Gates” Kennedy Space Center Bus Tours

If you’re looking for an exclusive behind-the-scenes tour, then you’ve got to take one of the center’s bus tours. Each bus tour is about 40 minutes long, with a stop at the Apollo/Saturn V Center. That’s where guests can see NASA’s Project Apollo comes to life and learn more about space technology. 

The bus tour offers an in-depth look into the Vehicle Assembly Building and the Launch Complex 39. You’ll see where every American who has launched into space – which is really cool. I promise that you’ll learn more from going on this tour than you remember from high school. 

Kennedy Space Center Vehicle Assembly Center, Kennedy Space Center, Central Florida Attractions

This tour can be a bit long for toddlers and young children, but they manage to still enjoy the scenery without the complete comprehension behind each location. The bus tours are free with your admission ticket and run continuously throughout the day.

Launch Complex 39, SpaceX, Kennedy Space Center Bus Tour, Kennedy Space Center Attractions

Race To The Moon (Apollo/Saturn V Center)

As part of your bus tour, you’ll stop at the Apollo/Saturn V Center. The Apollo landing was such a pivotal point in our nation’s history and, as time goes by, it’s getting harder for newer generations to understand the achievement. 

Stand under the Saturn V rocket itself when you visit the center. You’ll be able to comprehend the details that went into the monumental event of landing a man on the moon. There are priceless artifacts in the Treasures Room that showcase history and guests can relive the events with a film in the Lunar Theater. It’s must-do attraction – especially with the 50th anniversary of the Apollo landing.

Kennedy Space Center, Saturn V Center, Apollo Landing, Kennedy Space Center Attractions

The Rocket Garden

You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to appreciate the beauty of technology. The Rock Garden can’t be missed as you make your way into the Kennedy Space Center. It’s one of the most photographic spots and tours are available throughout the day, led by experts. It’s a tribute to the engineers and scientists who turned spaceflight into a reality.

Kennedy Space Center, Kenned Space Center Rocket Garden, Kennedy Space Center Attractions

Astronaut Encounter

Included in your daily admissions is an experience that I’ll inspire both the young and old. Guests can meet Veteran Nasa Astronauts during a live Q&A session. Guests can also shake hands and take a photo. It’s a great opportunity to have all of your questions answered by experts who have been in the field and worked alongside NASA. The event calendar let’s guests know who the Astronaut of the Day is.

Kennedy Space Center Attractions, Kennedy Space Center Attractions For Kids, What To Do At Kennedy Space Center 

Heroes and Legends

Experience a multi-sensory 4D theater at Heroes and Legends. The exhibit takes you through the awe-inspiring journey of what defines becoming a hero. Guests can walk under the RedStone Rocket, which is suspended overhead along with the Sigma 7 Capsule. It’s another great photography spot at the Kennedy Space Center.

Kennedy Space Center, Heroes and Legends at Kennedy Space Center, Central Florida Attractions

Kennedy Space Center Merchandise

Commemorate your visit to the Kennedy Space Center with a stop at one of their gift shops. You can find most of the Apollo merchandise at the Saturn V Center and there’s a general gift shop at the front of the park. Some of my favorite merchandise finds include astronaut outfits for kids and seasonal holiday merchandise. 

Kennedy Space Center Merchandise, Kennedy Space Center Attractions, Central Florida Attraction Merchandise

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