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Find Southern Family Favorites At Gracious Plenty In Roswell, GA

Authentic Southern cuisine is like a warm hug. It feeds your soul and reminds you of why you love the South to begin with. The Roswell, Georgia restaurant scene is bursting with chef-owned restaurants around every corner. Living off of Canton Street, and being within walking distance of the city’s most popular restaurants, has even helped real estate prices rise. Buyers want to live that sweet “30075 life.” Look no further than Gracious Plenty Bakery & Breakfast if you want a family-friendly restaurant choice. Serving southern family favorite dishes, they’re most notable of all the Canton Street restaurants and can’t be missed. 

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Visiting Gracious Plenty Bakery & Breakfast

When you walk into the restaurant, you immediately get a warm and cozy feeling. They pride themselves on welcoming everyone and being a local friendly spot to dine. It isn’t pretentious and you can come as you are. If you’re asking me, as a Mom, that’s where I want to take my kids to eat. 

With a drive to cook with locally sourced ingredients, Gracious Plenty partners with farmers and butchers in the area to provide customer with fresh ingredients. They also strive to be environmentally-friendly by using products that can make a difference. To give back to the Roswell community, the staff participates in monthly trash cleanups as well.

Alongside the delectable food, that’s plenty of reason to add this Roswell GA restaurant to your bucket list. 

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Good Ole Southern Food

If not being able to hold your biscuit with one hand, because it’s so big, is wrong – then I don’t want to be right. The star of our meal was the “Build Your Own Breakfast” biscuit sandwich. We ordered a fried egg, crisp bacon and cheddar cheese on a biscuit. The touch of sea salt that they add to the top of each one might be the secret to the buttery and flaky biscuits that they’re known for. 

Biscuit Sandwhich, Gracious Plenty Biscuit, Roswell Restaurants

If you’re looking more towards brunch options, than a traditional breakfast, they’ve got several stand out menu options. Ana’s Tamale is menu item that’s handmade, fresh each day, with tender roasted pork. Served with a you-pick-the-style egg, it’s a great lunch option.

Roswell Tamales, Roswell Georgia Tamales, Gracious Plenty Roswell Georgia

They offer a kids menu (plus have high chairs available) that features miniature versions of the regular menu’s biscuits. They can build their own biscuit sandwich order a classic egg breakfast.

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Roswell Restaurant Week

Gracious Plenty joins an all-star lineup of restaurants that are participating in Roswell Restaurant Week. It’s an annual event that showcases the city’s diverse culinary experiences. Guests can enjoy prix fixe menus at your favorite Roswell restaurants or discover a new place to dine. 

For Roswell Restaurant Week, guests can enjoy a three course menu at Gracious Plenty for $20:

  • Muffin Flight: 1 lemon poppyseed, 1 apple and 1 chocolate mini muffin
  • Farm Veg Soup: Local root veg and kale with chicken in a homemade stock
  • Swiss Cheese and Chive Omelet: with a side arugula salad with lemon vinaigrette

While Roswell Restaurant Week attracts many local foodies to dine out, it’s also a great way for families to spend some time together. I love that the prix fixe menus offer a taste of each restaurant’s most popular items at a great price. It only happens once a year and it’s perfect excuse to try something new. 

Roswell Restaurant Week, Roswell Georgia Restaurant Week, Roswell Restaurants

Roswell Restaurant Week Is Happening Now Through January 29th! 

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