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7 Georgia Food Tours To Taste The “Peach State”

Decadent cuisine is part of the South’s culture and history. Georgia is a hub of regional flavors and tastes that represent the people who live there, centuries of change and today’s chefs who are pushing culinary boundaries. From farm peaches to fresh seafood, BBQ, peanuts, and a little sweet tea thrown in for good measure, Georgia is bursting with iconic ingredients and signature dishes. Find your foodie favorites, while visiting the Peach State, by signing up for one of these amazing Georgia Food Tours.

Visit the peach state by tasting your way through these amazing Georgia Food Tours!

When I think about flavors that represent my home state, I instantly think about fried chicken, Brunswick stew, pecan pie and Coca-Cola. Middle Georgia farmers add beautiful produce to the table, while legendary chefs are opening hip restaurants Georgia’s big cities. This beautiful harmony means a farm-to-table meal is easy to find.

You don’t have to be a self-proclaimed foodie to appreciate a food tour. They’re a great way to experience multiple dishes and restaurants, at a great price. Typically, you’ll walk (or be chauffeured) to the designated restaurant locations. You can relax and not worry about driving, which is great if there are cocktail pairings. Enjoy small plates, drink pairing and, sometimes, even meet the chef behind the dish.

7 Must-Do Georgia Food Tours You’ve Gotta Go On

Register for the food tour you want to take prior to your trip. Certain food tours notoriously fill up limited spaces very quickly. Historic restaurants have smaller spaces and there’s usually a capacity limit. Show up on time and add extra down time after your food tour, in your trip itinerary, in case a food tour runs beyond the allotted advertised time.

Savannah Taste Experience

Savannah is one of my favorite Georgia cities to discover new tastes. There are restaurants everywhere you look in historic downtown Savannah and they’re all within walking distance. Work up an appetite after some Savannah sightseeing and then go on one of the food tours offered by Savannah Taste Experience. They have a Southern Fried tour, Walktails and Bar Bites tour, Secret East Side food Tour and a First Squares food tour. Prices range from $46 – $80.

Savannah Georgia Food Tours

Savannah Georgia is famous for seafood – Pink House

Food Tours Atlanta

Atlanta is such a big city that there are different culinary regions inside of the city. You can spend multiple days eating your way throughout Atlanta and still miss popular hot spots. Food Tours Atlanta breaks down the different neighborhoods of the city and offers guided walking food tours for guests. Walk anywhere from 1 mile to 2.5 miles and pay $95 for one of their tours.

North Georgia Wine Tours

Many people don’t realize that Georgia has it’s own region where wine is grown and that it’s located in the foothills of the Appalachian Trail. North Georgia Wine Tours offers private shuttle services to small groups to explore the regional wineries. Basically, their service provides safe transportation to each winery so you can drink without worry. Their concierge services can even recommend lunch locations as well.

North Georgia Wine Tours

North Georgia Wine Tours

Columbus Georgia Vicinity Food Tours

One of the most up-and-coming food scenes in Georgia is in Columbus. The city has multiple breweries, seasonal farmers markets and so many restaurants with outdoor dining options. The Vicinity Food Tours showcases four local restaurants that range from BBQ to a French cafe. The tour will set you back $100, but you’ll leave with a full belly.

Taste Of Thomasville Food Tour

The city of Thomasville is located in South Georgia and it’s full of history for being such a small town. They’re known for a victorian Christmas, where the downtown area is transformed to a magical turn-of-the-century destination. The Taste of Thomasville Food Tour company has a special Victorian Sweet Treats tour to showcase the beautiful desserts and pastries during the holiday season.  They also offer tours year round to showcase the big flavors of small town Thomasville, Georgia. Tour prices start around $55 per ticket.

Thomasville Georgia Food Tour

Photo by Gabriel Hanway – Thomasville, GA Christmas

Marietta Food Tours

Marietta is located about an hour north of the Atlanta area and offers a quaint historic square area. The Marietta Food Tours group offers three unique tours that feature the distinct flavors of the city. Discover hidden gems, historic restaurants and even a few ethnic options that only the locals know about. You don’t want to miss the Marietta Market when you’re in the city. The tour prices range from $55 – $75.

Marietta, Georgia Food Tours

Marietta Square Market

Secret Food Tours

I’ve already declared that dining your way through Atlanta can’t be done in a few days, so I’ve got another Atlanta food tour to help you tackle the job. Secret Food Tours Atlanta has five stops and caps off the number of guests at 10 people. The tour covers the Atlanta midtown region and they offer an upgraded drinks package (which I love). As you walk through midtown, they’ll also point out local tourist spots – like the Margaret Mitchell House & Museum. Prices are available upon private tour request – just fill out their booking form. 

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