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When To Throw Out Your Christmas Tree & How To Dispose Of It

As much as I love the holiday season, there’s some that feels great about cleaning up after it’s over. Getting a fresh start and clean home is a great way to ring in the New Year. Believe it or not, people don’t know when to throw out your Christmas tree and how to dispose of it. Obviously it’s after Christmas, but some people like to keep it up a few weeks longer. Don’t let it become a Christmas tree fire hazard – just follow these tips below for easy clean up. 

When to throw out your Christmas tree

There are families who like to keep their tree up until Feast of the Epiphany, which is a Catholic holiday that falls several weeks into January. If you’ve purchased a real tree, you might’ve had your tree on display for up to six weeks by then. That’s a long time to keep a tree up that’s dying. Even when you water a Christmas tree daily, it should be disposed of after the holiday season.

When You Should Throw Out Your Christmas Tree

Even if it’s not the New Year yet, you should throw out your Christmas tree when the needles are falling off and the branches are brittle. To test the tree, run a branch through your hand. If the needles fall off or if the branch seems brittle, it means that your tree is dying. Other signs of a dry or deteriorating tree include wrinkled bark, discolored needles, and a musty odor.

A dry Christmas tree that is dying, combined with any electrical source, is a fire waiting to happen. Christmas tree fires are more common than you’d think and you want to avoid that dangerous situation by disposing of your Christmas tree immediately.

Taking ornament off of Christmas tree

How To Clean Up Your Christmas Tree Without A Huge Mess

The best way to avoid a mess removing your tree is to place a plastic tree bag (available at hardware stores) underneath the stand when you set the tree up. You can hide it with a tree skirt. Then, when the holidays are done, pull the bag up around the tree, stand and all, and carry it outside. Obviously, you will want to remove the stand before recycling the tree. If some needles do scatter inside, it is better to sweep them up; needles can clog vacuum cleaners.

Check your local tree farm or lot to see if you can get money back by returning your tree stand. Usually you can earn money back if your tree came home with a stand.

Cleaning up Christmas

How To Dispose Of Your Christmas Tree

Christmas trees are considered green waste and many garbage companies will pick them up free of charge. Call or check online to check their guidelines about Christmas tree disposal. Trees must be stripped of all ornaments, garlands, tinsel, flocking and stands.

You may have to break down the tree and place it in a yard waste bag. Most disposal companies will pick up your Christmas tree into mid January and you should check the available pick up dates. 

How Do I recycle My Christmas tree? Check out these 6 Ways To Recycle A Christmas Tree so you can re-use it for household purposes. These are eco-friendly ways to repurpose your tree that you can feel good about. It’s also a great way to stretch your dollar a bit further.

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