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Marietta Square Market: Restaurants, Food, Prices & Parking

The Marietta Square has been around for centuries, but new and hip destinations seem to be popping up around every corner. Marietta embraces their past history as they welcome attractions to serve the generations of today. The newest example of this symbiotic relationship is the Marietta Square Market food hall that offers a fresh dining experience (and even some shopping) in the heart of downtown Marietta. 

Where to eat in Marietta, Georgia: Check out everything you need to know about the Marietta Square Market. This popular new dining hall is a family-friendly destination that has something for everyone. #Marietta #MariettaGA #FamilyTravel #Atlanta

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Everything You Need To Know About The Marietta Square Market

What do I love about the market? You can find almost any type of cuisine. Bring the whole family when you can’t decide on what you want to eat. From asian to cuban and everything in-between, you can all dine under one roof because it’s the answer to your cravings. 

No reservations are required and it’s a completely casual food hall (you could even call it a glorified food court), but they offer something for everyone. All of the restaurants are situated around a central bar as well.

High chairs are available for young children. While you can certainly take the food to go, I think the best part of the experiences is dining in, so you can order a main meal from one restaurant and dessert from another. 

Marietta Restaurants, West Cobb Restaurants, Marietta Food Hall

Marietta Square Restaurants

Since it’s opening in Spring of 2019, most of the merchants have stood the test of time. However, they’ve had a little changeover with merchants being replaced. The weekends are a very popular time for the market, and it can be tough to find a spot to eat, but weekdays are pretty quiet. 

  • Bread + Butter Bakery (coffee, desserts and homemade baked goods)
  • Cousins Maine Lobster (seafood dishes featuring lobster)
  • Crème De La Crêpe (savory & sweet dessert crepes)
  • D’Cuban Cafe (cuban sandwiches and cuisine)
  • Forno Vero Pizza & Bar (baked pizzas and the market’s central bar)
  • Four Fat Cows (ice cream & desserts)
  • Grand Champion BBQ (southern style BBQ dishes)
  • Just Loaf’n Cajun Cuisine (speciality cajun dishes)
  • Lucky’s Burgers & Brew (gourmet burger options and sandwiches)
  • Momoiro (create your own ramen dishes)
  • Pita Mediterranean Street Food (greek food)
  • Pulp Addiction (smoothies and fresh juices)
  • Street Taco (full service taqueria)
  • Tandoori Sqaure (Indian cuisine)
  • Tiny Bubbles Tea Bar (bubble tea, sweets and desserts)
  • Shai Karr (Asian cuisine)
Hawaiian Bowl, Poke Bowl, Marietta Poke Bowl

Poke Bowl (Shai Karr) $12

The two specialty shopping locations are Glory Haus and Merica Clothing Company. It will be interesting to see if these two merchants can hold their locations, as the shopping options at the Marietta Square Market seem misplaced to me. Both merchants sell adorable gifts and clothing, but when guests come for food, it’s hard to shift your mindset to shopping.

Merica Marietta Gift Shop, Marietta Square Shopping, Marietta Specialty Shops

Marietta Square Market Food & Prices

I hate to break it to you, but the food hall atmosphere doesn’t equate to cheap prices. You’ll find a variety of food prices at the market. Seafood options, at Cousins Maine Lobster, are the priciest, while ordering tacos a la carte will only cost you a few bucks. 

Our family set out on a Friday night, fighting our way for a spot at a table, to experience everything that the market has to offer. Between BBQ, burgers & splitting dessert amongst the family, we were out about $70. Obviously, we could’ve passed on the banana split from Four Fat Cows, but that would be a shame. 

Luckys Burger and Brews, Lucky's Burgers and Brew Marietta Square

Georgia Dawg Pounder (Lucky’s Burger & Brew), $11.75

My biggest gripe about dining at the market, as a family, is the timing of your meal. By the time my Husband orders from one restaurant (while I sit with the kids) and I order from a different restaurant (while he sits with the kids), we aren’t spending much time enjoying our meals together. I’ve since dined again with girlfriends and no kids, and timing isn’t an issue at all.

D'Cuban, Cuban Food Marietta, Cuban Cuisine in Marietta

Ropa Veija (D’Cuban) $9.95

How To Park At The Marietta Square Market

Parking  is available in public parking lots located directly off of North Marietta Parkway or Mill Street. Additional parking is available off of Polk Street on weekends and after 5 pm on weekdays. Several free lots are available, but the closes lots are paid parking spots. There are drop off locations for rideshare options and they’ve got weekend valet parking available for $5.

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