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Disney On Ice 2023: Is it Worth The Money? PLUS, Souvenir Prices

With the new year, you might be planning ahead for some family fun. Any family’s entertainment budget is important to think about. It’s always fun to experience something new and it’s a bonding experience, but you can’t just throw money away either. As someone who has sat in several years of Disney On Ice performances, I’m going to breakdown whether Disney On Ice 2023 is worth the money.

Plus, every parent NEEDS to know about the Disney On Ice souvenir prices before walking into the show. You’ll thank me later when your wallet survives and you’ve got a plan in place.

Thinking of buying Disney On Ice tickets? Here's a breakdown of the expenses and whether it's worth it for your family! #Disney #DisneyOnIce #DisneyTips

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Disney On Ice 2023: Is it Worth The Money?

Honestly, this isn’t an easy YES or NO. I think it really varies and depends on a lot of different factors. Seats start as little as $15 and can be purchased through TicketMaster. Disney On Ice announces tour dates with 6 months notice ahead of time, so there’s plenty of time to plan.

However, just because you can score budget-friendly seats, doesn’t mean you’re going to have a great experience. If you’re taking younger kids, they’re much more likely to stay focused on the show if you’re sitting closer to the action. That means you’re going to be paying more.


When Disney On Ice Isn’t Worth The Money

Let me make it very clear that we LOVE the show and it’s very enjoyable if you’re a Disney fan. Yet, there are two reasons why I wouldn’t fork out the cash for Disney On Ice 2023: your kids aren’t the right age group or you can’t afford decent seats.

I love Disney Parks because they truly attract all ages. There’s something for everyone and the parks never miss a demographic. With Disney On Ice, I think they’re missing the tween and teen age group. My toddler and elementary-aged child (both boys) really loved watching the show. We stayed for the entire show and, for the most part, they sat still. You don’t see Tweens and Teens in the audience and I think there’s good reason for that – it just misses that age group.

The other reason I’d pass on tickets depends on your stadium or arena. Most of the big sports arenas, where Disney On Ice performs, offer your typical sports “nose bleed” seats. You aren’t getting the same experience as someone sitting closer. There’s beautiful costumes, choreography and interaction with the audience members. You’ll miss all of that if you purchase the lowest-price option available.

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Extra Ticket Add-Ons Available To Purchase

Like many Disney experiences, there are many ways to upgrade your purchase of “just tickets” to make your experience more special. Disney On Ice does not sell tickets to get on the ice with the characters. The experience is reserved for select groups, usually charities or through exclusive competitions. Disney On Ice does have an interactive audience section of seating, however, children are either chosen at random at the show or at random through various competitions.

We sat in that section of seating. It’s the “Extra Magic Zone VIP Section” of seating (check to see if it’s offered at your showtime) and I was unimpressed. It’s a small section of seating that’s closer to the rink, offers more magical moments, and a souvenir lanyard. For us, that included a few times when the MC’s (host and hostesses of the show) would come to our section. It definitely offered a closer viewing point for my children, but it doesn’t feel any extra special. You can opt for close seats without paying the ticket upgrade. Kids could care less about a lanyard.

Disney On Ice Extra Magic Zone Seats

There’s also a pre-show VIP Character Experience offered in select cities. It includes time with designated characters (depending on which show you’re seeing determines which characters), a photo keepsake and a craft. You arrive to your show 60 minutes ahead of time and it’s $45 per person over the age of two. It’s definitely more worth your money than the Extra Magic Zone seats.

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Disney On Ice Souvenir Prices

Here’s where I really recommend watching your dollar. During the experience, it’s really easy to get sucked into these impulse purchases. From the minute you walk into your show’s arena, there will be souvenir booths that are full of toys and snow cones.

The light-up toys range anywhere from $30 – $60! For some shows, TicketMaster will sell the “Disney On Ice Mickey’s Search Party Snowflake Light-Up Wand” online, with your ticket purchase, and you redeem a printable voucher at the show.

I do have some good news though, if you are interested in purchasing souvenirs at the show. New for 2023, guests can pre-order items prior to arriving at the venue. It’s part of their new contactless shopping experience with touch-free payment and digital purchasing options.

Once ordered, guests can pick up their purchases at a convenient, contactless pickup station during the show. How you order is different according to the venue you’re going to. You have to look at the Schedule & Tickets page on the Disney On Ice website.


However, if you’re watching your budget, do not get sucked into the over-priced souvenirs. Purchase a few Disney light-up toys ahead of time, at Target or Walmart, and you can reveal them to your children right before your showtime. A quick Google search shows that the EXACT same toys can be purchased online for $2 – $4. The Disney On Ice souvenir prices are the most outlandish part of the entire experience. Plus, there’s no telling that the quality of the toy will last.

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