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3 Disney Road Trip Games: FREE Printable Activities For The Car Ride

“Are we there yet?” seems to be the golden question whenever you’re traveling with kids on a road trip. We always try to leave our house in the early morning hours so the kids sleep most of the time, but once they wake up it’s brutal. My four-year-old is in need of constant entertainment from the back seat and you can only count cows on the side of the road so many times. These FREE Printable Disney Road Trip Games are a great solution to help beat boredom.

We’re lucky that we only live seven hours away from Disney, in Atlanta, so most of the time we drive to the parks. I bring my son’s Kids Travel Tray (from Amazon) and pack some crayons for these road trip games. He gets excited as we talk about the parks, plan what we’ll do and he works on these road trip games. They are all Disney themed, so they’re awesome as an activity to build the excitement before your trip.

I know it’s easy to download tv shows or apps for them to play, but having a nice alternative to screen-time breaks up the monotony of the trip. Feel free to bookmark this webpage or pin on Pinterest for future use. I always appreciate sharing as well!

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Free Printable Disney Road Trip Games

You can download the PDF and print whenever you’re ready. They are all complimentary: Word Search, I Spy ABC’s and Connect the Dots. Pro tip: print a few extras just in case your artist makes a mistake.

Click Here to Print All 3 Activities

Of course, you can also use these activities for an airline flight too. If you’re traveling with a little one, check out my tips for having a stress-free Disney vacation with your toddler. It should help ease some stress before your trip.

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Disney Road Trip Games, Free Disney Road Trip Activities, Road Trip Games, Printable Disney Road Trip Games


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