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Free Printable Neighborhood Christmas Lights Scavenger Hunt

One of my favorite holiday memories was driving around, with my family, and looking for the best Christmas lights. It’s such a fun and festive family tradition. Now, we’re doing the same with our kids! Take it to the next level with this fun Printable Neighborhood Christmas Lights Scavenger Hunt list. Just print it out and let the kids cross off the items that they see while driving around. It can even be a little competitive too.

Print this FREE Christmas lights scavenger hunt - the kids can play while driving around and looking at Christmas decorations! It's a fun and socially distanced Christmas activity. #Christmas #PrintableChristmas #ChristmasGame #ChristmasLights

Looking for other Christmas printables too? I’ve got you covered! Check out some of my favorites that will make your holiday easier:

Print Your FREE Christmas Lights Scavenger Hunt

Another great reason to love this scavenger hunt activity is because it’s socially distanced too. You can complete it as a family, in your own car and not have to worry about any crowds. 

Printable Christmas Lights Scavenger Hunt List

How To Make The Christmas Lights Scavenger Hunt A Competition

If you want a challenge, divide into teams and see who can complete the scavenger hunt first! You can still be in the same car or larger teams can separate into different cars. Whoever returns home first, with the scavenger hunt complete, will be named the winner!

You can play the competition version and keep it socially distanced as well, since you’ll be in separate cars. Whether you’re coming back to the same house or checking in via FaceTime or Zoom, it’s a fantastic game to experiences some holiday cheer.

How To Print Your Copy

Ready to print yours? You can bookmark the URL to this page and print whenever you’d like. I like to print a higher quality card stock type paper, but anything will work. Just click on the PDF link below, save it and print. 


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