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How to Plan a Cheap Florida Vacation That Doesn’t Suck

Have you and your frugal family been dreaming of a fun getaway to Florida? A lot of people think that trips to Florida are out of the question, because when they think of Florida, they instantly think of costly theme parks. But there are so many other fun and relaxing things to experience in Florida. Here’s your guide to plan a cheap Florida vacation that doesn’t suck. Your whole family deserves a trip and it doesn’t have to break the bank.

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Guide To Planning a Cheap Florida Vacation

Avoid Big Cities

Orlando and Miami are some of the most popular hotspots when people visit Florida.  So naturally, when visiting these tourist cities, you will find that prices can get quite costly. Hotels, restaurants, and especially fun activities will cost you more than you would spend at an average size city. Find a small city to visit and go from there. Do not worry about whether it is close to the beach. Florida is a narrow state, so the beach is just hours away from almost anywhere in the state.

Consider a trip to Florida’s Emerald Coast

Spend Time at the Beach

Just because you are on vacation does not mean that you have to spend your life savings to have fun. While amusement parks and water parks are fun, so is a day or two at the beach, and it will cost you at most a small parking fee, pending which beach you decide to visit. Grab your sunglasses, sunblock, and a towel, and enjoy Florida’s heat and sunshine as you watch the waves roll in.

Our family loves Sebastian Inlet State Park in Vero Beach

Cheap Florida Vacation, Budget-Friendly Florida Vacation, Florida

Use Coupon Websites to Buy Food 

There are some great coupon websites that allow you to purchase vouchers for a variety of things from restaurant gift cards, to local and nearby businesses. While you are planning the details of your upcoming adventure type in the zip code of your destination and see what kinds of deals pop up. You will be able to plan your cheapest meals and even find fun, nearby and affordable places to check out.

I always shop Groupon Coupons before vacation

Cheap Florida Vacation, Budget-Friendly Florida Vacation, Florida

Going to Florida comes down to how cheap you want to be. If you can fly for cheap, go that route. However, some people find it cheaper to drive. If you want to really save money, pack your food and don’t spend every dollar eating out. Planning a cheap Florida vacation comes down to how cheap you want to be! We’ve found some great AirBNB locations to stay at and been pleasantly surprised. Most people go big when they go to Florida because they feel as though they’re at some sort of tropical paradise.

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Tonya Denmark

Saturday 7th of April 2018

You know how much I love this. Living here we're always planning mini vacations to the beach, to a historic site, or something else just to have more travel in our lives. It doesn't have to be expensive to travel in Florida, indeed!

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